Return of The Halo

Return of The Halo

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It’s Better Than We Thought!

It’s been a while since the release of the last entry into this series. Especially if we don’t consider the MCC as something new. The world has been desperate to see the continuation of the epic legend of Master Chief. But not only that. Also, the gaming community has grown hungry for the kind of arena-style multiplayer experience the Halo multiplayer has always been known for. Now, when it comes to the single-player experience, it looks like that the golden, old-school recipe had a few new ingredients added to it. There are now elements of exploration, boss fights, new gadgets to play around with. Although, it seems that the main selling point of the single-player campaign is the ability to choose where to go and what missions to do. You play as Master Chief, and he is returning to look for an old friend, an AI called Cortana. In any case, players will be able to choose the order of missions, explore the open map and even call in reinforcements by spending a special kind of points you will get rewarded with for completing other missions. 

Let’s be honest, though – all of us can’t wait to smash some Spartans in the multiplayer matches and get up in the Halo Infinite rating. Even all these years later, it is still as satisfying as ever to hear “Killtacular.” A lot of players who tried out the multiplayer beta access whenever it was available all said that it feels authentically like Halo. Even despite the fact that Infinite upgrades or refreshes some of the classic, core mechanics. Sprinting, sliding, ADS, the grappling hook – any of these things could have broken this game. When done wrong, these things would leave players thinking they play any other FPS game, but not Halo. But the best thing is – these things don’t make you feel this way.

Technical Perfection

Whether it is a competitive 4v4 or big team battle with 24 players in the match, the map design is the bedrock foundation on which an arena-FPS is built. If you don’t nail the map design, it won’t matter how good the rest of the game is because everyone is going to be running around with shotguns, sliding around corners, and it won’t be fun. So far, the maps are very impressive. Each of them has its own distinct visual style and identity. As you move through a map as you chase the objective or frags, you’re constantly challenged to change your style to be effective in a section of the map you’re currently in. The maps themselves are small, but the weapon pick-ups allow players to prepare for different kinds of engagements on the fly. Every weapon that you can pick up is located in a place where it’s needed most. If you find a burst-rifle with a scope, you can rest assured you’re going to need it right now. 

Whether it is the CTF or team-deathmatch, the game runs smooth as butter on all configurations. It doesn’t even matter which platform you’re on – the crossplay functions make the transition seamless. All of this means one thing – this game is Esports ready. This means we can expect to see a rating system and some hardcore players proving their skill in tournaments. That being said, you wish to succeed in this kind of matchmaking and earn super exclusive rewards, you should try using the Halo boost – a gaming service that will help you get access to some of the rarest rewards in the game. We haven’t talked about the progression system here, but let’s just say that it will take your grandchildren to finish a battle pass.

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