A review of some Korean sun blocks that are super innovative and effective

Korean sunscreens

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Korean Sunscreen (introduction)

Beauty lovers are familiar with the wonders of K-beauty. Korea is known for its innovative textures, advanced ingredients, and technology that are always one step ahead of what brands are producing stateside. Korean sunscreen & sun care is no exception. It’s probably the best in the world. A good sunscreen blends into the skin so quickly that it is applied liberally and reapplied as necessary. Korean cosmetics are dominating many categories, but they truly shine in the sunscreen category. You’ll find the perfect Korean sunscreen for any skin and Korean sunscreens for every budget here.

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun cream PA+++ is Best Overall

Aloe Soothing Sun Cream by COSRX is a great sunscreen that works on almost any type of skin. The moisturizing yet lightweight texture instantly absorbs into the skin-no greasy or white cast. With an SPF of 50, the hydrating formula can be used without makeup or under makeup. Additionally, aloe Vera soothes irritation and evens out your complexion.

A budget-friendly option is Etude House’s Soon Jung Mild Defence Sun Cream

Korean sunscreens are not typically exorbitantly priced. In addition to being non-comedogenic, this formula is unlikely to cause breakouts. The skin is also hydrated and protected by the low pH of this product.

Suntique I’m Pure Cica Sun cream is the best choice for oily skin

The I’m Pure sunscreen from Suntique is non-sticky and fast-absorbing, providing a matte finish. In addition to mica, a natural antibacterial ingredient, the cream contains Centella Asiatica, anti-inflammatory and heals wounds.

Bombee Honey Moist Sun Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ is best for dry skin.

In a nutshell, Bombee Honey is the best thing for dry skin. Using honey and royal jelly extract, this lightweight moisturizer is hydrating yet lightweight, so your skin won’t feel greasy. SPF 50 guarantees protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Dr Oracle 21; STAY A-Thera Sun block SPF 50 are the best for acne-prone skin

Dr Oracle offers sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. With a matte finish, this lightweight gel-cream quickly absorbs and leaves skin silky smooth. A blend of circa and bamboo water soothes inflammation while hydrating acne-prone complexions without adding more oil.

Sun Fluids with SPF 50+ PA++++ for Sensitive Skin

These soothing, protective sunscreens are especially suitable for sensitive skin types. Inflammations are calmed, the damage is repaired, and the skin is hydrated while it protects. In addition, since neither sulfates nor parabens nor dyes or artificial fragrances are present, it’s unlikely to irritate.

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