What are the roles and responsibilities of staffing agencies?

staffing agencies

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Staffing agencies are used by employers to recruit candidates on their behalf to fill job openings on their teams and to assist candidates in finding career opportunities in their chosen field. Full-time or part-time, temporary, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire full-time positions are available.

Though employment agencies primarily provide temporary positions, they can also source various types of permanent positions based on the needs of the company. When reaching out to job seekers, staffing firms categories them into the various roles.

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Many small businesses continue to struggle to find qualified employees. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and negotiating salaries all take time away from a business owner’s existing responsibilities, which may end up hurting the business in the long run.

That is why some employers collaborate with staffing agencies, which take much of the time and effort out of the candidate search by providing their own workers for open positions. Using a staffing agency isn’t the best option for every company, but if you are thinking about using one to meet your hiring needs, here’s what you should know about the process.

Job seekers may avoid working with a staffing firm because they believe that staffing agencies only place people in temporary positions. People may also avoid working with a staffing agency because they believe they must pay a recruiter. These two perspectives, however, may not be applicable to all businesses.

What is all about staffing agency?

A staffing agency, also known as an employment agency, fills a company’s hiring needs based on the skills it requires. People who join the company via a staffing agency are not employees, but rather temporary workers on the payroll of the staffing agency.

It is common to feel overwhelmed when looking for a new job. Whether the ideal employer isn’t hiring or you don’t meet all of the requirements for your dream job, you may feel as if you have no control over the situation.

A staffing agency finds employees for businesses that need to fill specific positions.

When you need new employees and decide to work with a staffing agency, the typical procedure is as follows:

Contact a staffing agency

The employer makes contact with a staffing agency. First, you will contact a company that specializes in your industry, outlining details such as job responsibilities, the number of employees required, the timeline for hiring new employees, and the wage or salary rate.

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Create a job description for your company

The job description is created by the agency. The agency then creates a job description for your company and advertises it. If the candidate is a good fit for the job, they may also contact the candidate individually.

Candidates are vetted by the staffing firm

When candidates begin applying for open positions, the staffing agency evaluates their experience and qualifications before scheduling and conducting interviews. They then select the most qualified candidates to introduce to your company’s hiring manager.

If you hire a temporary worker on a permanent basis, you may be required to pay additional fees for filling the position or contract buyout fees in addition to the markup.

Talk to an experienced hiring manager

Before making a final hiring decision, the hiring manager or business owner will interview the staffing agency’s candidates. This saves you and your staff time that would otherwise be spent sorting through a large number of applicants.

Sometimes business owners find it difficult to outsource their workforce needs to staffing firms; they would rather be in charge of the hiring process themselves. However, once they get past this mindset, they frequently find it beneficial to work with placement agencies, particularly temp agencies, for temporary jobs.

The job-searching process can be intimidating. It may be even more difficult if you haven’t looked for a new job in a long time. Searching for open positions, vetting employers, and scheduling interviews can all feel like full-time jobs.

What are the duties of a staffing agency?

A staffing agency can provide a company with complete staffing solutions, which include:

  • Understanding the company’s workload requirements
  • Identifying the workforce needed to meet the same
  • Interviewing and shortlisting candidates
  • Background checks and employment history are used to screen potential candidates.
  • Creating contracts and investigating legal issues
  • In the event that there are any gaps, training will be provided.
  • Follow-ups on the performance of the temporary employees to ensure that the requirements are met
  • Furthermore, if the worker is not a good fit, it is the staffing agency’s responsibility to terminate the hire and compensate as needed.

What is the issue with this? Some tasks may not receive the attention they require. As a result, it is best to outsource talent acquisition to a staffing agency. But how do you know which staffing firm is best for you? Apart from recruiting, on-site HRs are responsible for a variety of other tasks.

Every potential hire, from a new intern to a seasoned executive, has the potential to take your company to new heights or, in some unfortunate cases, new lows. As a result, it’s critical that the people you hire share your company’s values. However, as a human resources professional, you are aware that this is easier said than done.

Some lines before we conclude-

You must conduct several unsatisfactory interviews in order to find the right candidate while also handling other HR duties such as payroll, attendance, employee engagement, grievances, government regulations, and more.


Staffing agencies in Mexico typically charge between 25% and 100% of the hired employee’s salary. For example, if you and the staffing agency agree on a 60% markup and the new employee earns $10 per hour, you will pay the agency $80 per hour for their work.

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