Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR assesses is it better to pay or not to pay collection agencies

assesses is it better to pay or not to pay collection agencies

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Now it may or may not be common knowledge that your score can be hurt by a outstanding loan to a debt collection agency. There will be an impact on your credit score that will be anything but positive. Now there is always the possibility that if you are not able to pay the bank loan your file will be finding its place at the collection agency soon. Now this collection agency will try its maximum best to ensure that you pay the cash, and that is when they will be benefiting from it because they will get their commission if they are able to get the money out from you.

Is it best for you to pay the collection agency?

Now here comes the tricky part, is it even good for you if you pay the collection agency? Let us find out!

Well, it is better to look for some better options and choose from them, the suggestion is that no it is not best to pay the collection agency.

What would be the alternative options?

Arrange a debt management plan

A debt management plan will surely be the solution at such a time when you are avoiding paying a collection agency. You may have to pay the amount in full at such a time.

There will now be a note that will be on the report of your credit if you take up the option of the debt management plan. It will be there for many months before completed time.

Choose a settlement scheme

At such a time you can also make an offer of settlement, you can negotiate with the collection agency. This negotiation may be a simple offer, for example, that the agency can be paid a small amount of what you are owing currently and the debt that will not be paid will be ignored. This will depend on the agency now if they are willing to make a compromise.

Filing a consumer proposal

You can choose a Licensed Insolvency Truste and this will make your options much more viable and better.

Bottom line is that collection agencies may try their best but it is up to you if you want to give in to that pressure or not, there will be a thin line between giving in and between not giving in.

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