Want to transform your bank security measures? Here are some Must-Have Video Surveillance Solutions to strengthen security

Video Surveillance Solutions

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Whether you have a nationwide presence or have a local reach, your video surveillance solutions should not limit the extent of your expansion. You must invest in a solution that can grow as your enterprise expands, whether in terms of increasing the building size or opening new branches across different locations.

Even when you are required to invest in multiple cameras & sensors to cover different regions of a single branch, you must not need to invest in a separate solution. Integrating these devices into a single solution can help monitor the whole site simultaneously.

This can make watching live streams, retrieving footage, and reacting to incident-based alerts a lot easier. Now imagine doing this across multiple branches, even those separated by thousands of miles.

Wondering how it works?

It’s pretty simple if you ask me.

  • All your recording devices, like cameras, sensors, energy meters, video recorders, etc., get integrated over an IoT-backed platform. This dashboard provides you 100% visibility into all your sites, depending on your pre-defined parameters.
  • You can decide who gets visibility into the platform and to what extent by appointing different levels of access to different profiles. Those with credentials to access the platform can do it remotely, at any time to view, retrieve, download & share footage.
  • Anytime the installed cameras detect multiple people in an ATM unit, detect suspicious objects or people loitering, real-time notifications are sent to the escalations as well as a command center personnel who monitors the site 24*7.
  • On a similar note, when vibration sensors detect even the slightest disturbances, they send real-time alerts. Motion sensors detect movement in areas where access is prohibited after a particular hour. Smart locks detect incorrect OTP entered, sending alerts via email, SMS & mobile app-based notification.

AI-backed Bank Video Surveillance Solutions

Recently, a group of men broke a bank’s wall in Delhi, entered the premises, and stole Rs 55 Lakh, only for the employees to find out the next day when they returned for their shift.

I don’t know about you, but I find that a majority of such cases usually happen due to an unsatisfactory surveillance system.

Analog surveillance systems are only capable of recording data and storing it on a local server without notifying personnel even when the camera is switched off or spray-painted on. And that’s exactly what happened.

During investigation, it was discovered that the CCTV cameras inside the bank were switched off while the intruders had switched off the DVR soon after entering the premises.

With smart IP-based video surveillance solutions, responsible personnel gets notified about the untimely switching off of recording devices in real-time, which means no time is wasted before surveillance personnel verifies the incident taking place at the premises.

Investing in a cloud-backed surveillance solution also ensures that the footage from all surveillance devices gets stored on a virtual server. In such a situation, the switching off of the digital video recorder would not affect the data being stored on the cloud. This type of solution also sends alerts & tagged snapshots or footage clips to the escalations anytime someone tampers with the devices.

Keeping in mind the benefits of using an AI-based bank surveillance & its easy usability, here are some must-have features that will keep your premises safe in the wake of an intrusion or employee misconduct.

Perimeter Intrusion

Your surveillance system shouldn’t just capture footage of the inside but outside too. Remote areas usually lack any type of street surveillance, which means that in case of an intrusion, the protection of your site is completely dependent on your security measures.

While a majority of people still invest in manual guarding, evidence shows that it rarely ever amounts to anything. Whether the guard sleeps on-site, is patrolling another area, or is weaponless when faced with the criminals, guards end up at a disadvantage.

Even in the news mentioned above, the robbery happened in the presence of a nightguard.

Night guarding, in itself, is an important requirement when it comes to premise security. Since most banks and ATM units are left unmanned or insufficiently so, at night, they become easy targets for intrusion.

Night vision cameras and motion detectors at late hours of the day, along with shutter sensors & connected alarm systems, can greatly reduce the probabilities of such incidents taking place. Vibration & glass break sensors across windows of the premises & the ATM units can detect any disturbance, sending alerts & snapshots for verification. In the presence of an intruder or multiple, the two-way audio system can be used by command center personnel to deter criminal activities.

Access Control

As a financial institution, the assets at your site are vulnerable to external as well as internal misconduct. Limiting access across the site is just as important as restricting outsiders from entering the site after hours.

Vault access must be restricted with the use of smart locks that require a one-time password authorization to open, enter or access through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile application. In either case, the time of access, profile details, etc., are logged on the application as proof of the event. This limits the possibility of an unauthorized person accessing the vaults or other sensitive areas like server rooms.

Instant notifications

If your surveillance system doesn’t alert you about an unauthorized activity taking place at your local branch or the ATM unit in the next town, how do you plan on securing your site from damage & loss?

While an attempt at intrusion is inevitable, the success of a criminal very often can be a result of your insufficient attempts at securing your premises.

For the security of your institution, the best solution is one that sends real-time alerts, both incident-based & scheduled. This keeps you aware of what happens at your site, whether in terms of who enters it after hours or the time the signage is switched off.

Live footage streaming

When it comes to securing multiple sites, streaming live events simultaneously can help you enjoy more autonomy over your site. You can do random check-ins to monitor employee work, cleanliness protocols, etc., via the platform of any site under your surveillance.

Smart detection

We’ve already covered some part of this in perimeter intrusion & access control, but detection goes further than motion & vibration sensors.

Your cameras are responsible for more than just recording; they are capable of analyzing their environment, comparing them with set parameters, and understanding when things deter from set standards.

You can also employ smart energy management solutions to calculate the daily site consumption over multiple sites and receive insights into monthly usage patterns, energy wastage & more.

Cloud-based storage

What happens when the video recorder at your bank stops recording? In the wake of a fire hazard, the DVR gets destroyed, and you might not find the source of the hazard.

During a robbery, the intruder destroys the recorder or simply turns it off; you no longer have any evidence for identifying the intruder. Or maybe, an employee trying to steal a small unnoticeable amount with access to the DVR erases or overwrites the footage of a mere five minutes.

In all these possible scenarios, limiting your storage to a local server puts you at a loss. In these situations, having a cloud backup of all the footage recorded can help find the fire source, provide evidence and identify who the culprit truly is.

Key Takeaways

Financial institutions are a gold mine for intruders and some employees, too, who want money without working for it. But securing a branch or ATM unit under your jurisdiction from such incidents is your responsibility.

Bank video surveillance solutions with the above-mentioned features can create a safety net around your premises that reduces not only the possibility of such events but also keeps you updated about the operations on-site.

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