Saving Money After Surgery with ROM Tech Portable Connect

Saving Money After Surgery with ROM Tech Portable Connect

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As tough as any knee surgery can be during the actual process, the recovery is what many view as most challenging. There’s a lot of pain and potential setbacks with rehabilitation, and that’s without factoring in the cost.

With ROMTech, the company’s goal over the years has been to produce recovery devices for knee surgery patients to make life easier and more affordable. Instead of relying on traditional ways to bounce back with physical therapy, using telemedicine and technology makes knee surgery that much more affordable. The best part is, studies are starting to show that these methods are superior to traditional methods in getting patients back to using their knee the way they want.

The Struggle for Knee Surgery Patients

No one wants to go through knee surgery, it’s a long and challenging process to get back to normal use. Going under the knife is not enough, as a knee needs built back up to work properly. The recovery process can sometimes be too much for some to handle, and their finances and/or schedules don’t allow for proper rehabilitation.

As doctors and physical therapists learn more about knee surgery recovery, they’ve realized that traditional recovery modes might not be the best. The process can feel drawn out, and it doesn’t fit into a busy schedule. One of the easiest ways to blow off physical therapy is to simply say that there is not enough time in the day, and that adds up. Most understand that they need to do rehab to get back to 100%, but it’s easy to push something aside with so much going on.

Staying Adaptable with ROMTech PortableConnect

Telemedical technology has been on the rise over the years, and ROMTech is looking to take it to another level. PortableConnect helps with not only knee surgery patients, but hip and ankle surgery patients as well. The device makes it possible to complete therapy and get actual feedback from medical professionals without ever leaving home. This is not only more convenient and safe, but it saves money since it’s cheaper than in-person physical therapy.

Some might be skeptical at first that doctors can actually provide quality information to individuals without being there. PortableConnect collects all of the patient’s data in real-time, and doctors or physical therapists can check-in at any time to see how the recovery process is going.

A fully adaptable setup means that the PortableConnect works for all ages and challenges that one might face. The pedaling system is specific for surgery patients to ensure that no extra weight is put onto parts of the body that could lead to other injuries. Everything is about a safe and efficient recovery.

Just How Effective is ROMTech PortableConnect?

As fancy and new-age as telemedicine technology like ROMTech PortableConnect sounds, it’s worthless if it does not prove to be effective. Clinical studies show that ROMTech PortableConnect does a great job in helping with improved range of motion and cutting down on pain after surgery.

Some might opt for a combination of traditional physical therapy, along with the ROMTech PortableConnect. Others may only be able to use the PortableConnect, and that still proves more effective than traditional methods. Getting back to full strength even a week before others using more traditional rehabilitation methods can be a difference-maker.

What are the Major Benefits of ROMTech Technology?


Most believe that the most important selling factor for ROMTech is affordability. Rehab costs a lot of money for anyone bouncing back from knee surgery. Cutting down that bill is going to inspire people to look into surgery more. By reducing doctor visits and fees by having a rehab set up at home, knee surgery fits into the budget of many more individuals.


Having an at-home solution makes knee surgery recovery more accessible. There’s no excuse for patients who live a long distance from a physical therapist’s office, or can’t make time due to their busy schedules. Whenever they are at home and have a little bit of free time, they can fit in rehab.


Safe technology matters to reduce the thought of anything proving to be a hindrance while recovering. There are many safety features included on the device, preventing the worst from happening by mistake. Not only that, but it’s much safer to use at-home recovery options instead of going to a physical therapist’s office. Cutting down on the spread of germs during recovery can only be seen as a positive, especially during CoVID-19.


No two knee surgeries are exactly alike. ROMTech considers that, and it’s just as customizable as an in-person physical therapist. Since physical therapists are helping to customize what the technology does, the plan is changeable each day if necessary. PortableConnect is easy to set up and customize for medical professionals and patients.


Finally, everyone loves an effective recovery option. ROMTech provides that, as the device makes life that much easier for those who have gone through a lot. Effectiveness matters when convincing anyone

How Easy is it to Start Using ROMTech Products?

As ROMTech grows, availability becomes easier and easier. They have a patient page for information on their website that provides all locations currently offering the technology. There’s also more general information to learn what goes into the PortableConnect.

From the doctor’s side, they offer a clinician page to learn about ROMTech, and apply for a demo to use their products in the office.

The effectiveness is only going to help spread ROMTech and make it more accessible for all. With faster recovery times and reduced bills, it could inspire people to finally get a knee surgery that they’ve been putting off.

The Evolution of Knee Surgery Recovery: Integrating Telemedicine with ROMTech PortableConnect

In the realm of knee surgery recovery, the journey post-operation often proves to be the most daunting phase. Enduring the pain and potential setbacks of rehabilitation while managing its associated costs poses significant challenges for patients. However, amidst these struggles emerges ROMTech, a company dedicated to revolutionizing recovery through innovative devices. By leveraging telemedicine and technology, ROMTech aims to simplify and streamline the recovery process for knee surgery patients, making it not only more manageable but also more affordable. The incorporation of telemedical technology, exemplified by the ROMTech PortableConnect, signifies a paradigm shift in post-operative care. This portable device not only facilitates therapy but also provides real-time feedback from medical professionals, all from the comfort of one’s home. As clinical studies underscore its effectiveness in improving range of motion and alleviating post-operative pain, ROMTech emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals navigating the arduous path to recovery. Through its commitment to affordability, accessibility, safety, customizability, and effectiveness, ROMTech heralds a new era in knee surgery rehabilitation, empowering patients to embark on their journey to restored mobility with confidence and convenience.

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