Shalom Lamm Views on How to spend a happy life

happy life

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The laughter and carefree environment common in today’s society appear to approach the promise of happiness. If one wants to spend a happy life he should learn to smile even in tough time. Happiness is common but is not available all the time. According to Shalom Lamm, happiness is the need of life to stay healthy. It gives you strength in all times. But hardest part is to determine the source of happiness. One can spend happy life in multiple ways. Some people find happiness in nature and exploring it secrets. Some find it in spending time with family. Some find happiness with spending time with friends. Some find it while helping others. Some find it while living and fulfilling their dreams. Some find it in carelessly living their life enjoying what is happening without caring what will happen tomorrow. Some finds it in co-curricular activities. Some find it in their passion. Some find it love of God and love for religion. Some find it in serving mankind. And some find it in loneliness away from whole world. 

Healthy physical and mental state of mind bring you courage that is required to stay happy. It is very important to allocate how you can find happiness in your life. For that you need to allocate your interest and observe the things critically. If natural beauty attracts the person brings him peace and happiness in any situation. So that person should try to stay near to nature always. Nature itself will make him happy and will also help him to stay calm and think creatively and critically. Nature can also teach you how to face hard time, how to make things easier, how to maintain balance of life. Nature plays very important part in bringing happiness in one’s life.

Family is biggest blessing of God that stays with through all the times. Happiness is not something that can be bought by money. Happiness is found inside a person. Family is most precious source of happiness because they always try to be your strength and never betray you. One’s happiness is dependent on the happiness of family. Helping family members in daily work or in need increases the bond among you and gives you strength, making you happier, said Shalom Lamm.

Friends and peer group can also be the reason of happiness in one’s life. Friends play a very important role in maintaining the courage in hard time. They make your good time most precious moments of one’s life. Friends cares like a mother, scold like a father, tease like a brother, helps and support like a sister. Friends are those crime partners which near let you face any hurdle alone. Where no one supports you only best friend hold your hand and that is the happiest moment. Always make good friends in terms to spend a happy life.

You enjoy happy life when you make it useful for other who need you. Living for others is a best way to spend a happy life. Giving smile on others face brings you internal peace. The moment when someone smiles due to your good deed, or any kind action make you feel like peace of heaven.  Happiness starts since the minute one starts doing something for others. You can help others in many ways either by supporting others, or by choosing a profession in which you can do good for mankind. But the best part is helping others not only make you happy, but it gives returns to you in your tough time the same way. It is said  that do good have good. You can apply this same rule to spend a happy life. Helping even one person gives you a lot of happiness and take away your stress. Life is a magical itself because you can change it by one single decision. Those who constantly help others, are happier than others. They  do not come across any obstacles in their lives. And if they face any hardship the God help them as they helped others.

Helping others can include helping your parents in daily work and responsibilities, siblings in work and need, friend is hard time, relatives in problem, society in crisis, and nation in growth. Always make sure that your service/ help to others should be done from the core heart for one’s benefit; only then it is fruitful. One should keep in mind while helping others that it should be from the core of heart for peace and happiness. If you help others for some sake, it will not give the happiness. So, it is very important to help without any personal benefit.

As per Shalom Lamm, one should help others whenever he finds anyone in pain or trouble and should try to help him get rid of it, bringing you true happiness. Removing tears from one eye is a form of happiness that through away our stress too. People usually feel hopeless and helpless when they are trapped by the hard time and lose hope from life. Make yourself a hope for others. Make yourself a person with kind heart whom they can trust, share their problems, ask for help and become strong after having your support.

We all are humans, and we make mistakes. Sometime forgiving others or giving another chance can also be a form of helping others to make right decision and learn from their mistake and make better life. If one can improve others life it will bring happiness to that person. This is harder part, but it brings you satisfaction and calmness. Forgiveness is loved by God. The person who forgives others is most respected.

Whenever you do anything make sure that do not hurt anyone anyway. This is an implicit way to assist others. Controlling your anger when you are angry with someone is also a chance to put a good impression  which can help others to improve. Changing other life for good is true source of happiness.  If any one is facing hard time and you can not do anything for that person at least try to give him courage to face the problem.

Every person has some aims and goals in their life. Working hard for your dreams and fulfil them is another form of happiness. Happiness is found in passion and the passion is life for many people. Setting right targets that can help you to grow as well as your society and nation makes you happy. Not everyone gets a chance to live their dreams. So, if you are living your dream value it, love it, live it, feel blessed and you will feel like the happiest person in the world.

Freedom to live, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of occupation is also bringing peace and happiness. When you are given the chance to live the life you have the right to live. This makes you happy and make your life easier to live.

However, life is the combination of situation so try to take advantage of it and learn to find happiness in all state of life. Look towards those who do not have what you enjoy. Feel blessed and stay happy. Spending a happy life is not easy because happiness come after struggle and difficulties. Happiness can be found everywhere but it is not easy to have it every time. It can be possible you will not be able to help at the moment, but you can be the courage or support. At last, you will find internal peace and happiness.  

To conclude, Shalom Lamm said that spending a happy life is a dream for which everyone spends day and night, works hard, and stays focused. But living a happy life alone can not bring that level of happiness, which is in living happily together within a family, within a society, within a nation, and in this world.