Simple Solutions to Reducing Echo in your Living Room

Reducing Echo Living Room

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The design of your living room can produce echoes every time you make a sound. The echo is a result of the sound bouncing back between the ceiling, the wall, the floor, or other surfaces. This sound can be very unpleasant and could make verbal communication difficult. So, if the reverberation is becoming a nuisance, there are simple ways you can eliminate it. They are simple because you don’t need a lot of money to upgrade the living room. This post will guide you through the simple methods of reducing the reverberations in the room.

Use a Carpet

As mentioned earlier, the reverberations are a result of bouncing back of the sound when it hits hard surfaces. So, you can reduce the echoes by using a carpet to cover the floor. Apart from providing a soft comfortable feel, rugs and carpets work perfectly in absorbing the sound and keeping it subtle. So, consider placing a carpet that matches your design for hardwood and tiled floors.

Install Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are other perfect solutions for absorbing the echoes. The acoustics come in different styles, and you can easily choose one that will complement the rest of the décor. These panels are fixed on the wall to absorb excess sound and since your living room may be the noisiest, having the panels is a good idea. You can simply install them on your own with an adhesive or pins, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. You will also require using a ladder if you are installing them on the ceiling. So, whatever you choose to use, make sure you have the necessary tools.

Fill the Room with Furniture

Your room will mostly have echoes because of the empty spaces. So, think of furnishing it to keep down the sounds. Couches are perfect since the softness absorbs the sound. Typically, any kind of furniture in your living room will effectively absorb the echoes. If you have shelves in the living room, fill them with books as this is another effective way of reducing echo in living room. Make sure you use soft accessories like blankets and pillows that complement your furniture. The point is to ensure there is less space and the fabric is enough to absorb the excess sound.

Cover the Windows and the Wall

Glass surfaces on the windows can also be a source of the echoes. So, covering them, together with the wall will help in eliminating the reverberations. For the windows, consider having heavy curtains that extend up to the floor. This way, you will help in reducing the ambient noise from the outside and the inside. You can also hang paintings on the wall and other decorative. Avoid enclosing pictures and artwork in glasses since this will only increase the echoes.

The Bottom Line

These are the basic methods of reducing echo in living room. This is mostly the place where people spend a lot of time chatting, watching the television, or doing other activities. So, by following the above tips, you easily eliminate echoes that improve sound quality.

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