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The time has come when your little kid is about to enter the world of education. Even though their learning starts from a very tender age at home under parent’s supervision, after a certain age, they need to visit school and make new friends. Teachers from reputed institutions in Lucknow would love to lend that helping hand, which will enrich your kid’s knowledge to the next level. So, next time you are making plans to know more about the Best Schools in Lucknow, you are cordially invited to come and give Skoodos a try.

Skoodos is a reliable website, offering detailed information about some of the best schools situated in Lucknow. This site provides everything, right from the history of the school to the main differentiating features and more. So, next time if you are looking for the best schools in town to get your kids enrolled in, check out the names listed on this website. Some of the main ones are listed below for your reference.

Seth Mr Jaipuria School:

The main goal of Seth Mr Jaipuria School is to encourage the little kids to dream and explore multiple opportunities that life has to offer. Education is not just restricted to books. On the other hand, you can excel in other co-curricular activities as well. This school will provide detailed guidance to help students gain success in the area they like the most.

  • Established in 2013, Seth Mr Jaipuria School is a boarding school affiliated with ICSE board certification. 
  • Here, the grades start from Nursery to Class XII. It is a co-ed system with the minimum enrolment age at 4 years. 
  • It has an average class strength of 35 students, and English is the main instructional language to follow.

Cathedral Senior Secondary School:

In order to empower students to excel in the flexible complexities of the modern world and also to excel in their chosen fields, Cathedral Senior Secondary School is the best institution that follows. It has adopted a holistic development approach for the students to follow. So, the little ones will enjoy a sense of responsibility and realize the promising nature of academic excellence. The main goal of Cathedral Senior Secondary School is to create citizens, known to embrace change, diversity and some lifelong learning.

This institution works with only exceptional and qualified teachers, who are quite passionate about imparting knowledge and nurturing independent individuals.

City Montessori School:

If you are looking for another school for your little one to shape up a bright career, then City Montessori School is the name you should try for. In order to help students realize their full creative potential and make a mark in their chosen career field, City Montessori School offers great educational services.

  • Right from an aptitude for leadership to helping kids learn the power of innovation, City Montessori School is always beside the creative minds.
  • There are special classes on literature, arts, sports and even citizenship values available to help develop top-level citizens of the future.
  • It is a co-ed institution, which has K-12 classes running in 19 different campuses around the entire city of Lucknow. 
  • It was founded in 1959 by none other than Bharti Gandhi and Drs. Jagdish with the main motto of Jai Jagat, and it follows the ancient wisdom of the Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam.
  • This institution follows the main teaching of Mahatma Gandhi and also that of the social reformer, who goes by the name of Sant Vinobha Bhave. 

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St Agnes Loreto School:

Noted as one of the top schools in Lucknow, St Agnes Loreto School is a fun-filled learning foundation. It helps in developing entrepreneurial competence among kids through active participation and leadership in house activities. There is special coaching available for the class IX and X students. And the classes are held from Nursery to 12th Standard. So, once enrolled, your kids will come out as the future citizens of the world. They will be trained using international knowledge and modern teaching mechanisms. The consistent goal is to develop proper communication skills and life skills and also to help students gain leadership qualities.

Loreto Convent Intermediate College:

Founded in the year 1872, Loreto Convent Intermediate College is placed under the current management of the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a day school and follows the ICSE learning board. This co-ed institution has a minimum enrolment age of 4 years, and there are seats available as per the capacity of the classrooms. English is the main instruction language, and it has average class strength of 35 students. The student-teacher ratio will be 30:1.

The best institutions of all time:

The next time you are all set to get your kids enrolled in the top-notch schools in Lucknow, make sure to check out Skoodos for a change.