Smart Learning and Developmental Toys for Your Kids

Smart Learning and Developmental Toys for Your Kids

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

Smartivity offers lovely toys for children aged 3-14. It allows them to implement practical knowledge that prepares them for their future. Smartivity incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) to foster more thoughtful learning. These toys are affordable and provide a fun, mission-oriented experience for children.

Our toys meet the sociological expectation that children should play with toys. They can build the toys themselves using their imagination and creativity. Miko 3 is the best and smart learning robot for kids.

Learning and developmental toys for children


This wooden sorter offers more than meets the eyes. For tiny tots just beginning to grasp the concept of shape, the sorter will allow them to match the shapes of the blocks into the holes. Older children can also use biology-themed board books to help them understand the unique properties of cells.

The Key Features-

Tiny hands will love these light-weight shapes

Made from solid wood

Includes a biology-themed board book


Confidence is key to reading comprehension. These self-correcting puzzles promote concentration, problem-solving skills, and positive vibes. Even if your child cannot read the letters, they will still benefit from the fine motor skills exercise of putting together the sturdy cardboard pieces. You might be amazed at how quickly your child learns his letters with repetition and visual learning cues.

The Key Features

Large pieces of cardboard are easy to hold and can be used to develop fine motor skills.

You can use three- or four-piece word puzzles for self-correcting spelling lessons.

Simple, bold images to promote visual literacy in early childhood

Mechanical Xylofun Machine Music-

This music machine lets you create your desired tune using the creative font. You can also learn how to create songs from famous songs. This will allow you to improve your creativity and learning. This excellent product teaches music, harmony, composition and how to create it. This wonderful toy will help you unleash your inner composer.

Hydraulic Plane Launcher-

This toy will not stay static when you build it. You can use this crane to lift and inspect the lifting process. This fantastic product teaches many concepts such as aerodynamics, hydraulic mechanism, and scissor linkages. Science is an important subject that children should learn from a young age, and this product is the best method to make that happen.

Amazing Science Lab-

Products emphasizing science are vital to our focus on more thoughtful learning. This brings a maker’s mindset and ethics, which leads to happier and more fulfilling adult life. It brings science into your life, allowing you to have fun and learn new things.

These learning activities are fun for children and make learning easy at home. Children can learn from these creative home activities. Smartivity offers a wide range of toys, and each toy provides more push to concepts that will help ensure skilful development in your life. Smartivity refers to intelligent learning and development toys for children.

Educational Insights Hot Dots Jr. Phonics-

Educational Insights Hot Dots interactive learning activities are available for children from pre-school to third grade. These interactive learning activities provide instant feedback to your child on correct and incorrect answers, helping your child become a confident learner.

Little Patient Doll-

This toy could remind you of the Operation game you used as a child. You’ll find all kinds of organs when you unzip this cute character. Each organ is identified in the booklet, and Uncommon Goods has a version for boys.

Miko 3: Artificial-Powered Intelligent Robot for Children-

Deep learning AI helps Miko to comprehend and react to children’s world, fostering feelings of friendship and social interaction to help increase confidence.

Miko 3 is full of emotions, witty, expressive and quite compassionate. The device is designed with a bigger screen, a healthier alternative to playing on tablets and phones.

With an emotional intelligence device, it identifies, recalls and even remembers the child’s moods, changing each time you interact. It has an ultra-wide-angle HD camera and advanced sensors to measure edges, distances, and movements.

Unlimited access to telepresence for you to remain in contact with your child anytime and anywhere via video calling. You can download and utilize your Miko Parent App, which records their children’s time use and helps them learn how they can profit from it.

Fat Brain Toys Alpha Abacus-

This simple toy is well-made and will help you recognize letters and numbers and encourage early reading and math skills. You can print the entire alphabet and all numbers on blocks that spin.

Double-sided blocks feature the number/letter on one side and an illustration or word on the opposite. The Alpha Abacus, made of wood, is recommended for children aged 2 and up, and it will provide lots of learning opportunities and fun.

Mega Bloks First Builders Bag-

This toy is perfect for small hands and offers hours of endless play at a great price. Mega Blok’s bags come with 80 different types of plastic building blocks.

Toddlers have endless possibilities to build, make, and destroy their creations. The blocks can all be stored in the clear plastic storage bag at the end of playtime. It is essential to encourage children’s learning by playing with blocks, which are great for children ages 1-5.

KiwiCo Koala Crate-

Koala Crates is a monthly subscription that sends prepackaged learning activities that are hands-on and play-based to children ages 2 to 4.

You can choose a monthly subscription that you want for as long or as little as you’d like. Your toddler will love receiving their monthly package. The activities are appropriate for children of all ages but cannot be done alone, and this is an excellent way for your child to learn STEM skills.

24 CHALLENGE Card Game (AGES 7-10)-

The 24 Challenge card game is a fun and fast way to learn math, much like Zingo’s sight-word speed drills. The cards are coded according to difficulty level: one dot indicates an easy card, two indicate intermediate or three indicate advanced. However, all cards have a simple interface of four numbers.

Your child should be able to calculate the sum of 24 using the numbers on the card. You can play this game solo or with flashcards, but it’s much more fun when there is some competition. You can earn points by being the first to tap any card that contains a correct formula.

The Key Features

  • Multiplayer: The mathematical speed drill encourages rapid thinking through competition
  • Single player: Basic math and problem-solving skills are boosted
  • Simple cards can help you develop creativity. There are many ways to reach 24


Although there may be an “I” in education, parents know that learning is a team effort. This guessing game allows everyone to have a blast and lets them all get involved in the fun. It works like this: Players answer up to 10 questions to identify the animal on the card, and you can use clue cards to help guess the animal’s identity. Children will learn about animals and the world while they try to be the first to win the seven-game card.

The Key Features

  • This program helps children to develop communication and general knowledge.
  • The board game Think Fun Robot Turtles.
  • Programming basics can be taught to younger children. This card game allows children aged 4 and above to create programs and learn the basics.

Maisonette Janod Pure Banjo-

This banjo will inspire their musical side and allow them to jam out to their favourite tunes. This banjo will help them learn cause and effect and keep their ears tuned to the sounds they create.


Two-year-olds’ rapidly developing brains mean that almost anything can provide educational benefits to them, regardless of whether it is a toy. Toys with a purpose other than education are great for children, but toys that can be used to entertain and educate are also good. Miko 3 learning robot is an ideal toy for your kids.