Some hat styles that are popular among both genders

Some hat styles that are popular among both genders

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Hats have always remained a favorite staple of women’s closets and men’s wardrobes irrespective of time and age. If you take a look at your list of must-have accessories, here, hats will rank high. If you are a fashion-savvy individual, then you cannot leave out hats. Multiple reasons make the hat a staple for both genders. However, considering the size and shape of the cap is significant if you want to make an impression. You will have to dig deep into the categories of hats if you are serious about your fashion. There are different types of hairstyles adorned by both men and women. Depending upon your style, head size, occasion, budget, you will have multiple choices.

Men, here are some hat types that will make you go crazy

Hats have always remained a significant piece of a men’s wardrobe. Since ancient times, men have enjoyed this fashion accessory more than women. However, slow and steady hats have entered into women’s wardrobes. Now that is a different part of the story. First, let’s dig deep into men’s fashion accessories and hats in particular. There are various categories of hats available for men, as mentioned above. Moreover, there are multiple ways of styling hats for big heads to take your look to another level. You can try these and experiment with them and believe it or not; you will never regret it.

The beanies will give you a mysterious look

Coming to the first category of men’s hats, you may explore beanies. Initially meant for colder days, they provide the wearer with a cool guy look. These days beanies are worn with almost everything and go with every event. Whether formal or informal, beanies became popular extensively. However, you must know the correct way of wearing a beanie so that you can grab the best attention. They have started setting the trend and are very popular among hip-hop stars, bandwagons, and Hollywood celebrities. Although people wear them during the winter months, you can also wear them for the summer season. These hats have a practical side, and that is keeping your head warm on the cold chilly night. As the temperature drops, it’s time for you to wear a beanie.

Classic fedora hats can style you differently

Now that you have seen how beanies can help you style yourself, it’s time to get onto the summer months. If you are in love with the vintage style, you cannot leave out fedora hats. They will help you flaunt your cigar and baggy suit. Nothing much has changed ever since fedora hats have come into fashion. The high crown, brimmed edges, distinct appeal makes fedora hats a statement piece. 

The brim size ranges from narrow to wide. It all depends upon your taste and personality. You can pair it with your official suit and leave the rest to the headwear. For example, if you attend a wedding ceremony, you can wear these hats coming with the statement color. It is a great idea to display your fitted blazer with formal pants. You can also wear fedora for your road trips because they pair well with loose-fitted t-shirts and ripped jeans.

Panama hats will give you a funky yet casual look

No Panama hats are not only popular among men but women. You will have to get one or two Panama hats to set the vacation mood when you are on vacation. They will not only elevate your look but create a distinct style. Go for the right colors and suitable material. For women, Panama hats are ideal because they are lightweight and breathable. Broad-brimmed caps will provide them with a relaxed and cheeky look. More so, these hats are sturdy and long-lasting. Hence, you can invest your money in these hats that go well with cotton shirts, jeans, trousers, and much more. You can also wear these with your flip-flops and shorts.

Hat styles for women to draw all the attention

Now that you know about men’s hairstyles, it’s time to flip to the other side. Women have more options before them in terms of color, size, shape, and texture. Of these, the Beret and sun hats are the most notable ones. Beret hats are best for the casual setting and winter parties. If you want to picture yourself like a super chic and stylish woman, you have to try Berets. They are a wardrobe staple for those who are fashion savvy. You compare these with your Blazers, checked skirt, jeans, and high boots. Apart from this, the sun hats are ideal for summer outings. These wide-brimmed hats will not only give you maximum protection but are breathable at the same time. You can also go for the oversized ones, which are chic and classy. It would help if you first choose your outfit wisely then appropriate headwear to style them.