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Your smile is the first thing others will notice about you. For this objective, many people are very cautious of their overall appearance and smile in particular. Around 80% of individuals aged 18 to 50 want to get a whiter and attractive smile. For this, they take their teeth whitening very seriously. If you are one of those, you are one in the crowd. Dentists these days are experimenting with different techniques to help patients with a whiter and attractive smile. They are developing different ways to help you out with your dream of getting a sparkling smile. If you would like to whiten your teeth, you can check out this dentist in temple terrace Florida.

Use whitening toothpaste for brushing your teeth

When you are aware of the ingredients of your toothpaste, it gives you a sense of confidence. These days whitening toothpaste is very much available in the market. Although bleach helps get rid of discolouration, it may harm your oral health. For this reason, dentists come up with whitening toothpaste that includes baking soda, activated charcoal, mild abrasives and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients help remove the thin layer on your teeth’ surface, thereby exposing the white surface.

Don’t consume food that may stain your teeth

For getting a bright and attractive smile, you will have to make some changes in your diet. Your dentist might advise you on staying away from certain food items. These food items include red wine, tea and coffee, tomato sauce, sodas, and fruit juice. Apart from this, you will have to cut down on your smoking. Smoking not only affects your heart and lungs but also affects the colour of your teeth. It is because tobacco present in cigarettes and cigars get stuck in minute openings and grooves inside your mouth. Because of this, they stain the teeth, and your smile appears yellow.

Stay away from added sugars

If you are cautious about your dental hygiene, stay away from those food items with added sugar. Sugary food items may be tempting, but they affect oral health drastically. It is because sugar interacts with your oral bacteria and produces acid. The acid thus causes yellow teeth and also leads to enamel loss.

Oral hygiene is vital

With age, your teeth might turn yellow. There is no rationale or justification for it. However, if you have a great dental routine, you might end up with a better smile for a longer time. Regular brushing and flossing, along with scrapping, will help you take care of your oral hygiene. When you are serious about your oral hygiene, you will prevent bacteria build-up, plaque build-up and oral disease. For this, your smile and your mouth will thank you.

To improve your dental health, you will have to take the first step. Lastly, you will have to abstain from smoking and drinking. You can use custom whitening trays that are a reliable treatment option used by dentists these days. Try to book an appointment with the dentist and speak to them about your issues. It would help if you visited a dentist frequently. Dublin Dental Care teeth whitening procedures are highly specialized.

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