Stage Plot Design for Your Concert

Stage Plot

Welcome to another blog post on stage plot designer, we have already staged many plots for various purposes like farewells & music concerts. Let’s start our discussion without wasting any time. Whenever you want to do a stage plot designer you must need an input list so that you understand better where things are laying out. You’ve got an idea on how to just patch the stage & which of the following type of labeling scheme that really suits and enhances the overall appearance of the stage.

How do we explain all the stuff related to stage plot design?

When the singers come out how we’re going to let them know like this is your spot because there’s a lot that goes into it even more than just audio like the lighting guys need to know where things are going to go video shots all that stuff so the best way to do that is to go up to every person and tell them what’s going to happen one by one just try to do a rehearsal with them as much as you can, keep them guessing and then change it. By doing this you will be unsure and you will do trials again and again until you’ll fit right in. This is going to be perfect.

What are the things on stage that we’re trying to show plainly to the people?

In all seriousness we use a stage plot, we build a particular stage plot designer that’s got everything on it. People on stage should know about the things that are going to occupy our stage or even set up the stage. Therefore the production team to know where things are right at the same time so you really want to put on this everything that’s pertinent so it riser positions, band spots, singer spots, wedges entrance and exits if you’ve got special props rolling on and off stage maybe those have their own power you need at each position. If you need four outlets because you’ve got a guitar pedal and a drum machine and a computer all having to plug into the same position making sure you have enough ways to do that this is a big deal for us.

What benefits will you get in the case of professional staff?

 When we’ve got professionally trained people they will stand backstage if there’s not a plot they’ll just stand there like waiting I don’t know where to go where they’re supposed to go and you know what I don’t love the fact that we forgot or somebody didn’t put a save plot out but I love the fact that they are like we don’t want to go in the wrong spot. Sometimes if you have some crazy piece of your production like lasers or something. It’s actually a safety consideration if you can’t be here or you’re risking death or you have a massive heavy piece hanging there or sharks on your party onstage. In such cases, we want to know where the Sharks are going to be on stage. So you must need a professional service for stage plot designer.

What is the importance of scale plot drawing in stage plot design?

The generic way to get started is to draw a handwritten plot if you’ve got that kind of time. Sometimes you just need to draw it out and take a photo and print it and go. This is where I need everybody down and dirty but it works. The cool thing is you can use your stage plot then once everything is in place as a way to literally make a physical map on stage so you spike the riser corners you spike aisle ways that people need to be aware of in terms of props to be able to walk on and off stage. It just increases the comfort level of the people on stage because they know exactly where everything is.

People are just comfortable with our service. We were kind of getting a lot of stuff organized at our church. We were able to make the stage plot all to scale. If you need any further information please contact us.