Strategies to promote your music


Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Promoting your music is not an easy task considering that there are thousands of talented artists around the world. But if you learn how to market your tracks online and in person you will have a much bigger chance of success. But first of all, you need to make sure that your tracks are ready to be released. Each track has to be mixed and mastered. We suggest that you hire a professional instead of doing it yourself because mixing and mastering require special knowledge and lots of experience. Besides, there are many professional mixing and mastering services to choose from. Make sure you’ve done this step before even thinking about releasing your music. 

To see how the world would react to your music, you can test drive your track on YouTube or Soundcloud. These are great services to get feedback on your tracks, and hear the opinion of your fans and fellow musicians. But don’t get discouraged if you get negative comments. They will help you understand what you can improve to make your songs sound even better. Negative feedback might also mean that you haven’t found your audience yet. To promote your music successfully, you have to know your target audience. It can help you find your fans online and market your songs directly to them.

Be authentic. There is nothing more attractive in an artist than authenticity. When people love your music, they want to know you more, and being yourself will give them such an opportunity.

Use Twitter. Twitter is a great social media to connect with your fans. To promote your tracks with the help of Twitter, you can try posting ‘live’ twits during award ceremonies or concerts, using hashtags, posting links to your streaming platforms, and engaging with your fans. Interact with them, reply directly to them to show that you appreciate every one of them.

Promote your music on Instagram. Instagram is a photo-oriented app where you can post pictures from rehearsals, concerts, showcase your album covers e.t.c. You can connect your Instagram page to your Facebook account to reach even more users. Instagram is also great for engaging with fans. If someone tags you in a photo, don’t forget to like it. You will get more likes if you comment on the posts of your followers. Post earlier in the day because this time is the best for increasing your views.

Promote your music on your website. Even though having social media is great for promotion, your website will allow you to reach more fans and will make you look more professional. This is a great place to gather all the info about your story, your gigs and post your contacts and links to social media accounts. If you want to stand out, we recommend that you buy a domain name.

Upload your music to streaming services. You should always have links to your streaming services on the website, so next time a producer browses through your site, he can listen to examples of your work. Use websites that allow others to share your music to increase your visibility. 

Here you go, some tips on promoting your music. We hope that you found this article helpful and wish you success on your musical journey. 

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