What Is the Net Worth of Takeoff As of the Year 2023?

What is the net worth of Takeoff as of Year 2022?

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Interesting facts and everything you need to know about Takeoff, including his net worth are given in this article:

Basic Introduction:

The real name of Takeoff is Krishnik Khari Ball. He is using Takeoff as his nickname, or preferably we can say that it’s his professional name. He is an American Rapper by profession. He is a singer and sometimes works on composition too. He was born on June 18, 1994. His place of birth is Lawrenceville, Georgia, U.S. He is 27 years old. His height is 5’10’’, and his sun sign is Gemini.


He was raised by his mother, uncle, and cousin. They are also famous singers now. So we can say that he got the inspiration to start his career in music from them. Quavo (Quavious Keyate Marshall) and Offset (Kiari Kendrell Cephus) are his uncle and cousin, respectively who are the source of his motivation towards building a career in the entertainment industry.

Early life:

From the very beginning of his life, or better to say, since childhood, he was fond of music. He made very cool beats and developed unique rhythms himself. All this started when he was just in the seventh grade. His friends and family appreciated him for his natural talent and creativity. He used to perform at school functions and family gatherings. He gave many random performances and kept on practicing music. e never gave it a break. Here’s a famous saying:

“Continuity leads to success.”

His life is a perfect example of it.


He started his music career in 2008 and is still active. In 2009, his uncle and cousin, who are mentioned earlier, invited him to join them and make a group of three persons calling it a Hip-Hop Trio. Takeoff accepted their offer, and three of them started a group named Polo Club.

Polo Club:

In 2011, this club released its very first full-length project. It was a mixtape – a compilation of pieces of music recorded on a tape by different artists. As there were three of them who recorded their songs; it was called a mixtape. Some of the songs contained solo performances in terms of vocals.


In June 2012, they released another mixtape following the previous one and changed their group name to Migos. They are still called the Migos. This name got much more popular than the previous one. He doesn’t think that they will change their group name ever again. He is a unique and cool name, just like their personalities.

Migos can be a shortened version of the Spanish word “amigos” which means friends. But it is actually used as a term for an abandoned area where drugs are made and sold; it depicts a picture of their childhood. All of them grew up witnessing a similar situation.

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Takeoff Net worth:

  • The collective net worth of Migos – Takeoff, Quavo& Offset is approximately $80 million.
  • As of October 2022, the Net worth of Takeoff is approximately $26 million.

Turning Point:

In 2015, they released their 4th album by the title of “Yung Rich Nation”. t proved to be the turning point of his career. The main reason for the success of this album was the Guest appearances of Chris Brown and Young Thug. They are two very famous names in the entertainment industry. his album of the Migos sold more than150,000 copies.

In 2016, almost around the end of the year, Takeoff released a song without the involvement of the members of his trio by titled of “Bad and Boujee”. This track featured the voice of rapper Lil Uzi Vert. This song was the first hit of Takeoff, which got listed in the Billboard Hot 100.


Some of the famous songs and albums of Takeoff, which are the highlight of his career, are as follows:

  • Bad and Boujee (song) Released in 2017
  • Walk it Talk it (song) Released in 2018
  • Pure Water (song) Released in 2019
  • Culture III (album) Released in 2019


Achievements of Takeoff are:

  • Quality Control
  • Motown
  • Capitol

Social Media Interaction:

As we know social media is a great platform to manifest one’s talent. Every celebrity makes an Instagram account to interact with the whole world. e has about 6.4 million followers on his account. his is another type of net worth in the present world. There’s a continuous race between the celebrities who got more followers on the social media platform. These celebrities earn too much by putting ads on their account of renowned brands of the world.

People look forward to them as their idols and believe in what they say. One of the famous quotations of Takeoff is listed below:

“You got to watch everything. You got to watch how you move because you are a celebrity. You are a target now, so you always got to do that. Just stay on your tippy-toes.”



Does Takeoff have a girlfriend?

 He is not dating any girl publicly. He was seen with rapper Dream Doll, singer Rubi Rose, and Lakeya Darshay on different occasions.

How is Takeoff related to Quavo?

Quavo is a member of Migos and the uncle of Takeoff. They were raised together.

Who is the father of Takeoff?

His father left him when he was in kindergarten age. He does not even know him.