Telehealth: how is it revolutionizing of delivery healthcare?


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Telemedicine is the only way to meet the needs of today’s healthcare consumers. It has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. It can significantly improve healthcare quality by increasing its accessibility and efficiency by reducing the need and cost to travel. This way, it can overcome barriers providing clinical support to people across the globe and improving patient outcomes. The current focus on containing costs, improving healthcare delivery, and meeting consumer demand make telemedicine an attractive tool.
Telemedicine was already a rapidly growing industry, but the covid-19 pandemic has made the industry boom. The pandemic has made it an integral part of the healthcare practice of many hospitals and even government portals. Before the pandemic, only 11% of the healthcare consumers used telehealth services, but in the year 2022, the users reached up to 46%.
With this rising use and demand, advanced health tech portals like are to the rescue. It provides you online consultation with the best doctors in the country, a medicine delivery service, and informative health blogs that can help you make an educated decision regarding your health.

How Is it revolutionizing the healthcare industry?

The fact that you can consult a doctor within minutes is are revolution enough to support the benefits of telemedicine. It has not only made life easier but inexpensive too. You no longer have to spend on fuel and pay for the office facility. Telehealth has revolutionized health care delivery in the following ways.

Reducing the Risk of Diseases

Many diseases do not onset out of the blue. They warn you innumerable times before coming onto you in full force. The reason behind many people ignoring some signs and symptoms is the effort required to consult a doctor. Telemedicine smartly lessens the required effort and allows you to consult a doctor with just a few clicks. This way, you don’t have to let a possible disease worsen. You can control it from the very beginning.
Similarly, diseases like diabetes require continuous management, and you can not always run towards a doctor. The doctor on your phone will help you take medicines as per schedule, count calories, change medicine dosage if required, and assist in case of any complication. In short, telemedicine can ensure an early diagnosis and an efficient treatment plan that can lessen the severity and risk of complications. And if you’re thinking about enhancing your smile, consider dropping by the cosmetic dentist in plantation.

Providing Mental Health Consultations

there is no branch of medicine that telemedicine has helped more than psychology and psychiatry. We still live in a world where mental health has stigma attached to it. People still avoid going to a psychologist for fear of being called mad, crazy, or weak. Telemedicine can provide you utmost secrecy, and you no longer have to fear people knowing about your condition.
Only mental therapy, also known as tele mental health, is still an emerging field. The counselor will provide psychological counseling through email, video conferencing, online chat, or voice call. This can help patients in rehab and patients living in remote areas who can not access hospitals or clinics. You don’t have to have a particular disease to seek help online. You can consult a psychologist just to keep yourself sane and let go of all the stress.

Better Fitness and Diet Consultation

Nutrition is one field where you rarely have to see your doctor or nutritionist. You can get all the advice you need on video or phone, provided you have been through proper screening and tests. Exercise plan, diet plans, and nutritional counseling, can all be provided through telemedicine.

Better Dermatological Care

Now you don’t have to run to a dermatologist with every new pimple you get. Just book a video appointment with your dermatologist and let them look at your problem and advise you on the treatment you need. Not ever dermatological treatment requires a physical checkup and treatment. An online doctor can control some issues, like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Telemedicine comes in handy if you just want a follow-up on your already diagnosed issue. All you have to do is to book an online consultation with the dermatologist in Lahore and get an answer to all your skin problems.

Improving rural health

You must not be a stranger to the fact that the healthcare system in our rural areas is nonexistent. All they have access to are wrecked dispensaries with sales clerks inside. The introduction of telemedicine can help the people in rural areas get the healthcare they deserve. The problem is that the people in these villages are neither equipped nor educated enough to consult a doctor online. But still, the introduction of telemedicine requires a lot less effort and resources than building hospitals and medical centers. A little education and a system in the rural areas can ensure the provision of the best quality healthcare to the people there.

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