How To Tell Your Boss You Need Outpatient Treatment

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Opting for drug or alcohol treatment is a big step towards regaining your life. Unfortunately, few people can commit to one to three months of inpatient treatment. Others have careers, families, and other pressing obligations. If you’re employed, let your boss know about your condition and enjoy the benefits of outpatient treatment.

Less Cost

Many people prefer outpatient treatment because it is less expensive than inpatient programs. Inpatient is expensive because of the nature of the programs, food, accommodation, and other needs. In addition, insurance companies may be more willing to fund the outpatient program, but you should find out with your insurer.

Provide Different Types Of Treatment/ Therapies

If you choose outpatient treatment, you won’t lose vital services like cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT, group therapy, and dual diagnosis therapy. The programs are done by experienced staff and are suited to cover a wide range of needs.

Continue With Family Duties

An outpatient program allows you to keep up with your household duties while healing. Some patients have children who need constant care, while others have a working spouse and cannot afford a full-time nanny. An outpatient program allows for flexibility in family matters.

Maintain Daily Schedules

It’s usually hard for people to quit employment or suspend schooling for weeks to recuperate. An intensive outpatient program allows you to keep working or studying. However, you may require some time off when you have acute withdrawal symptoms.

Put Into Practice What You’ve Learned

An addiction treatment program will teach you various skills and how to stay sober. Because you’re in an outpatient program, you’ll apply what you’ve learned. If you have any concerns, you can discuss them with an expert at the next meeting.

You Can Live At Home

Some people don’t like living in a treatment center. It’s an unfamiliar place that often feels uncomfortable. For others, living at home is crucial when it comes to recovery. You’ll still have access to your books, family, and games.

Creating Relationships With Locals

Outpatient rehab patients constantly form new sober support networks, whether at home or in sober living facilities. As you continue with work or schooling, you’ll interact with locals and build relationships.  

Keep Your Treatment Private

With an outpatient program, you won’t be worried about people finding out you’re in a rehab program. Treatment focuses one-on-one with psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, or psychologists. All these visits will be private unless you share them with others.

Tailored To Meet Your Needs

An outpatient program can be tailored to your specific needs. Inpatient programs usually take place in groups, so you may not feel like you’re getting personal attention. However, you can adjust the treatment and choose what works best for you with an outpatient program.

Provides Real Life Experiences

Staying sober throughout an inpatient program is fairly easy. It should be. However, after getting back to the real world, the patients are faced with real problems, and their sobriety may be compromised, leading to relapse. With outpatient treatment, you’re exposed to daily challenges and stresses. But because you’re given a lot of guidance and support, you’ll learn techniques to tackle difficulties as they come.

Ongoing Support

It’s risky for a recovered addict to leave treatment and return to normal life without ongoing support. After an outpatient program at Impact Recovery Center, you will have already formed ties with the outside support teams. Also, because outpatient work is cheaper, you can afford a professional relapse prevention program after completing the initial program.

If you or your loved ones struggle with addiction, know you aren’t alone. Many people out there are suffering from the condition. Addiction is treatable, but it requires expert help. Book an outpatient rehab, and after some time, you’ll enjoy sobriety.

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