How are the online ACCA course modules structured?

ACCA course modules

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The ACCA syllabus is divided into 4 sections namely applied knowledge, applied skills, strategic professional ꟷ essentials, and optional. The ACCA course modules structure is developed around the core subjects that these individual sections entail. Read this blog to gain detailed information about ACCA online course and the primary subjects being focused on.

Applied Knowledge

Accountant in Business (ACCA AB)

This module will give you an idea of the business world in general and how financial companies operate. You will learn about the influence that accountants have on the success of an organization, as well as gain foundational knowledge of essential skills for management.

Management Accounting (ACCA MA)

This module is designed to equip you with the skills required to prepare and analyse cost information and basic quantitative data.

Financial Accounting (ACCA FA)

From this, you will gain the ability to use double-entry accounting techniques to understand the basic financial principles. The real-time training provided will help you demonstrate a good level of technical proficiency.

ACCA course modules on basis of Applied Skills

Corporate and Business Law (ACCA LW)

Here, you get to test your general knowledge related to the legal framework as well as the connection between law and business.

Performance Management (ACCA PM)

This module allows you to hone practical skills in management accounting. Additionally, it provides you with the technical ability to produce qualitative and quantitative business information.

Taxation (ACCA TX)

This module aims to develop your understanding of taxation and its applications on both individuals and companies.

Financial Reporting (ACCA FR)

In this section, you will learn about accounting standards related to the preparation and interpretation of financial statements, as well as the application of theoretical frameworks.

Audit and Assurance (ACCA AA)

Through this module, you will get to explore the assurance engagement process and elements of the professional regulatory framework.

Financial Management (ACCA FM)

This module will provide you with the know-how of financial managerial positions. You will learn about investment and finance and dividend policy decisions.

Strategic Professional: Essentials

Strategic Business Leader (ACCA SBL)

The aim of this module ranges from analysing internal controls strategies and corporate governance.

Strategic Business Reporting (ACCA SBR)

You will develop financial reporting skills, to handle more complex financial reporting issues on the global corporate platform.

Strategic Professional: Options

Advanced Financial Management (ACCA AFM)

This module will prep you to explore financial management skills relation employed by different organisations.

Advanced Performance Management (ACCA APM)

The unique module consists of professional judgment exercises in applying suitable management accounting techniques, contributing to business development.

Advanced Taxation (ACCA ATX)

This module is all about the practical applications of your new-found knowledge and skills in providing advice to business clients.

Advanced Audit and Assurance (ACCA AAA)

This module will make you proficient at analysing and evaluating assurance engagement, as well as other audit and assurance issues. This may involve making reports on advanced audit and assurance issues.

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