The Role Of Interior Design In Ba Visual Arts Program

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Visual arts education has received a warm welcome among the student community in recent years owing to its increasing popularity among the global population.

Blended with a wide range of design disciplines and visual arts techniques, visual arts educational courses are designed with a high value. Now, this article will talk about the BA Visual Arts course along with an insight into the role of interior design in this program.

Read more to explore BA Visual Arts Interior Design going hand-in-hand.

Insight into the course – BA in Visual Arts:

Loaded with super-demand among imaginative minds of today’s generation, BA Visual Arts and Photography is climbing top among creative education courses. Here are the details regarding the course:

CourseBachelor of Visual Arts
Course DescriptionThe Bachelor of Visual Arts course imparts technical knowledge in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, etc.   This course trains the students to pick up artistic and creative skills and inculcates the same in their art careers.
LevelUndergraduate level
Duration4 years
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria to pursue BA Visual Arts at the best BDes colleges in India are as follows:   Candidates should have completed 10+2 or 10+3 equivalent in any stream, i.e., science, arts, or commerce.Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate score in 10+2 or equivalent.   Certain colleges offer certain relaxation for reserved categories such as SC/ST.
Admission ProcedureAdmission to Bachelor of Visual Arts Colleges in India is either merit-based or entrance exam-based.   Admissions on a merit basis are provided considering the score in 10+2 or equivalent.   Certain visual arts colleges consider entrance exams such as AAP (Arts Aptitude Test) while certain other renowned colleges like Anant National University conduct their own entrance exams, such as Design Aptitude Test and interviews.
SpecializationsSculpture Painting Mix Media
Average Course FeeINR 50,000 to INR 6 Lakhs

Top colleges to pursue Bachelor of Visual Arts:

India has around 1,800+ visual arts colleges that offer remarkable bachelor of visual artscourses that change the career road of imaginative youths with artistic skills. Here are some of the top colleges that offer BA Visual Arts and Photography.

Top Bachelor of Visual Arts CollegesAverage Course Fee
Anant National UniversityINR 1.25 LPA
Jamia Millia Islamia UniversityINR 7,100 PA
Stella Maris, ChennaiINR 2,400 PA
Delhi College of Arts and CommerceINR 20,800 PA
Indian Institute of Digital Art and AnimationINR 1.06 LPA

As we see, India has many top colleges such as Anant National University, one of the leading designX colleges in India offering notable Bachelor of Visual Arts courses for students.

With this the fundamental details of the course, Bachelor of Visual Arts is complete. Now, let us get to understand the role of interior design in BA Visual Arts.

What does interior design do in BA Visual Arts?

In a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Visual Arts program, the role of interior design can be multifaceted and influential. While the primary focus of a visual arts program is often on the creation and exploration of various art forms, interior design can enhance the overall learning experience and contribute to the aesthetic and functional aspects of the educational environment.

Here are some of the ideas on BA Visual Arts Interior Design coming together.

Innovative Studio Spaces:

Studio spaces are the centre of learning and creativity for visual arts students.

Interior design can help create dynamic and inspiring studio spaces for visual arts students which is a dominant role in BA Visual Arts Interior Design. Well-designed studios with ample natural light, flexible furniture arrangements, and appropriate storage solutions can foster creativity and provide a conducive environment for artistic expression.

Exuberant Exhibition Venues:

Visual arts and Photography involve large occasions of exhibition and demonstration that would require pleasing exhibition venues and studios, and this is where BA Visual Arts Interior Design comes in.

Interior design is crucial in shaping exhibition spaces within the academic setting. These spaces allow students to showcase their work to the community, faculty, and peers. Proper lighting, display methods, and spatial layout are essential considerations to highlight the artwork effectively.

Collaborative Workspaces:

Collaborative workspaces are regional spaces where students from various visual arts backgrounds can collaborate to come up with various art outcomes. These spaces encourage students from various disciplines within the visual arts program to interact, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. Such collaborative workspaces require well-intricated interior designs and facilities for better working environments. In this case, a BA Visual Arts Interior Design comes in.

Technology Integrations:

Interior design plays a role in integrating technology into learning spaces. This includes designing spaces that accommodate digital media, interactive installations, and other technological tools that are relevant to contemporary art practices.

Some of the best technology integrations include designing media walls or display systems for the showcasing of digital artworks, multimedia installations, and video projects.

In this way, BA Visual Arts Interior Design role is highly impactful in the visual arts education system.

Visual arts education is an enjoyable learning field that extends the opportunities to embrace your passion for arts. In this process, interior design plays a great role in providing effective learning environments for visual arts learners.

Many top colleges such as Anant National University are offering better interior design-supported learning environments for students to excel in the field of visual arts.

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In conclusion, this article has covered some of the prominent roles of Interior design in visual arts, thus justifying the importance of BA Visual Arts Interior Design. Enjoy learning visual arts with hands-on interior design and learning the best visual arts education.


1. What is Bachelor of Visual Arts?

Bachelor of Visual Arts is an undergraduate degree under the fine arts wing with a duration of 4 years that educates students in areas such as animation, graphic design, applied arts, visual effects and much more.

2. Which stream in 12th is the best for pursuing a Bachelor in Visual Arts?

The best stream in 12th for pursuing a Bachelor of Visual Arts is the arts stream. However, students from any stream can take up a Bachelor of Visual Arts based on their interests.

3. What are the major career options after studying at BVA colleges in India?

Some of the major career options after studying BVA are painter, animator, art director, and visual designer.

4. What are the fields of employment for visual arts students?

Visual arts students are employed in the following fields:

  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Advertisement industry
  • Art studios