The Ultimate Guide to Home Staging Training

Home Staging Training

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Did you know most that many people are buying homes right now? The real estate markets booming. If you want to learn about how to gain experience in home staging, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over home staging training and how to get started.

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What Will a Home Stager Do?

Home stagers are professional interior decorators who will design a house to sell. The stager will look at how to make the house bring in higher offers.

Some tasks will include rearranging furniture, getting rid of clutter, and adding new accessories. The home stager might also recommend certain home repairs.

The stager will also need to examine the landscaping. The homeowner might need to boost their curb appeal.

Stagers will help a homeowner get the highest profit off of their house. If you love to work with people and love interior designer, consider this career path.

You should look at connecting with local home stagers in your area. You might want to consider a home staging course, as well.

Should You Get a Home Staging Certification?

A home staging certification is for people who want to open a business in the home staging industry.

Most home staging training programs will involve coursework on interior design basics. You will learn about space planning, furniture, lighting, and color.

Also, you will learn some valuable business skills to succeed in your new business venture.

There isn’t a licensing rule for people who want to become a professional home stagers.

There isn’t a governing board that regulates the industry. Having the certification is helpful, but it isn’t a necessity. One certification course isn’t more helpful compared to another.

Why Seek Training?

Complete a certification course if you want to pursue a home staging career.

During the program, you will learn new skills and gain knowledge about the industry. You’ll have an easier time launching your new business.

Do you have a natural eye for interior design? You might think you don’t need the training to start your business. Yet, there are different concepts unique to real estate staging.

You’ll need to learn how to depersonalize a home, so the house will appeal to possible buyers. You’ll also need to learn how to improve your property’s curb appeal.

Access Many Resources

When you get certified, you will have access to different resources. You can use these resources for your new business.

The course offering for different programs will look different. Resources might include a business plan template, pricing details, and helpful marketing materials.

Join a Network of Professionals

If you take a home staging program, you’ll connect with future home staging professionals. Many programs will try to match students with a mentor, and the mentor will help you learn all kinds of different tips.

Over the course, you’ll end up building relationships with your fellow students. Consider trying to maintain these relationships.

You want an amicable relationship with your colleagues. You will be able to turn to them for help problem solving your staging business.

You’re More Credible

Getting a home staging certificate provides you with credibility. Your future client base will see the certification as something official and professional.

Consider taking a course so you can add the designation to your website. You will also be able to add the certification below your email signature.

These things can help encourage a client to work with you.

Where Should You Take the Course?

There are a lot of home staging certification programs to choose from. Yet, specific home staging programs are more well-known compared to others. Let’s look at some home staging programs.

What About the Academy of Home Staging and Design?

There’s a five-day certification program from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

You will learn how to use colors in interior design. During the program, you will also find out how to order different rental furniture.

Marketing materials are essential for your business. You’ll figure out how to create an introductory video and about client presentation.

When you complete the course successfully, you will gain a one-year membership to RESA.

What About the School of Home Staging?

Another popular option’s the School of Home Staging. The course will begin to break staging down into helpful modules.

You’ll have an intro to design principles, and you’ll also have a step-by-step guide to staging every room in a home.

Another helpful guide is a business start-up template. When you’re done, you will have a “certified home stager” designation.

For a bit more money, you could even get mentored by a professional home stager for two months. You’ll get feedback on how to make your business a success.

This course also has a companion course. If you are an agent, you can take this course to develop your staging skills.

Check Out the Staging Studio

Another place to check out is the Staging Studio. You should look at taking this design staging course.

Take this course from the comfort of your home. If you’re interested in staging and want some new skills, check them out.

Home Staging Training

We hope this guide on home staging training was helpful.

If you want to launch your business and have a special designation, consider taking a course. You’ll also have a great chance to network with future home stagers in the program.

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