For a Greener World: Essential Things the Pandemic Has Thought Us about Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

The pandemic has not done any favors for us. With millions infected and thousands of fatalities, the pandemic has become one of the biggest disasters of the modern world. The worse part is that no one saw it coming.

Every nation in the world was caught with their pants down. No government entity had the essential protocols for a pandemic, and even those who had some structure still needed to learn along the way. If only we were more prepared, things would have been different. But we can’t just blame it all the pandemic because we are somehow at fault here. We have been harnessing energy from our precious planet plays a big role as to why the pandemic happened. Climate change is one of the main reasons why the virus was activated.

We Might Be At Fault Here

Research has found that climate change plays a big role in fatalities worldwide. People who live in highly polluted areas are more likely to die of the virus. Since the virus primarily damages our respiratory systems, pollution can lead symptoms of the virus to worsen each day. Furthermore, it’s not only COVID-19 that is related to climate change. Climate change also plays a big role in increasing transmission among other kinds of Lyme disease. It’s also attributed to the increase of malaria in many hot countries. 

So with these things being stated, we are also somehow at fault for exacerbating an already big disaster worldwide. The way we live today and how we get the needed energy to support this particular lifestyle of ours is impacting the virus more than we thought it ever would. But believe it or not, the pandemic did help the world somehow, despite its devastation.

It’s Possible to Save the World!

The pandemic has taught us that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our world. There had been reports that daily carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by a staggering 17%, one of the biggest decreases we have ever seen for the last fifty years or so. Energy consumption has also decreased, even if many experts believe that it would increase due to quarantine protocols in many states. This has shown that it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet from climate change.

Ultimately, the pandemic has thought that there is a possibility for us to reduce these emissions enough to lessen the severe consequences of climate change if only we implement the necessary policies from it. The 17% decrease is no joke, and it might have possibly given us enough time to assess our current situation and the way we are supplying the energy to fuel our lifestyle.

We Are Saving the Outdoor Lifestyle and Possibly Other Species

You might have possibly seen the news where animals have been spotted entering various neighborhoods because of the lack of human presence. Wild boars have been spotted roaming in cities, and dolphins enjoying the sea even more. This is a win for those people who enjoy hiking and seeing the world from a more natural perspective. If we decrease our carbon footprint through various means, we can save more species in the world. We can bring them back to their natural habitat, which is essential to their reproduction and survival.

Green Energy Is More Affordable

The thing is, we already have a solution to this problem, and individually, we are making steps in making our world better. Fossil fuels are one of the main reasons why we have so much carbon emissions daily. Experts predict that carbon emissions will skyrocket once again and throw away the progress we made last year once the pandemic is handled. Experts are urging people to start using green energy to reduce carbon emissions. They are also much cheaper and more accessible than the fossil fuels of today.

The cost of green energy has decreased throughout the years. The price for electricity being harnessed from solar energy has decreased by a staggering 89% for the last ten years. Additionally, because of this price decrease, solar panels have become more accessible. Many companies are now selling solar panels because of this accessibility. Additionally, most electricity providers now include green and renewable energy in their electricity plans. This is just one way we can harness renewable green energy. More and more people are planning to convert to this kind of energy consumption, because not only it’s safer, it’s cheaper as well. If more people start joining this green energy revolution, there is a chance that we can save the world before it’s too late.

The pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson: we can return the world to what it used to be. Slowly but surely, converting to green energy can reduce the problems of climate change. Who knows, we may even stop a future virus from spreading. So make the change to green energy now and make a difference.

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