Tips for Choosing Jewellery for Partner

Tips for Choosing Jewellery for Partner

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A partner’s devotion is one of the purest forms of affection with its unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. It can be difficult to think of something physical to gift them that measures up to everything they have done for you. Jewellery is probably the closest thing you could get them since it is precious, valuable and timeless. There is also so much selection to choose from, which is why we compiled these tips to help you find the perfect piece for your partner.

Think of Their Interests

If your partner adores dolphins, birds or a particular flower, you could get your pendant that resembles it. Or, consider getting a jewelled pendant or bracelet of their birthstone. They will appreciate such a personalized gift and will be able to wear it with any outfit. It is something that will never go out of style, and they will treasure it forever.

Finer Details

If you get your partner a charm bracelet, you can always give them another charm to add on to it for every occasion. That means for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, you will always have something in mind to get them. Be sure to pick jewellery of high-quality and that way your gift can also become a vintage family heirloom that gets passed on for generations to come.

Make it Meaningful

You likely know your partner better than most people, so be sure to get them something that has meaning to them. That could vary depending on your culture as well. For example, back in the day in China, women of a higher class wore pearls. Some people thought these beads had the power to protect people from evil spirits while others consider it to signify loyalty. That is also why royalty and other influential women are often portrayed wearing pearl jewellery.


Designing jewellery for your partner gives you the chance to show them how much you care about them. It requires effort and an understanding of their preferences. It is a privilege that used to only be afforded to aristocrats but, now, pretty much anyone can design their own jewellery. Custom designs allow you to create something one-of-a-kind that only your partner owns. They will love wearing something unique to them and that no one else has.


The only way you could ruin a gift of jewellery is if your partner finds out it is fake. It is made even worse if you were duped into investing a large sum of money for a piece that turns out to be cheap. Make sure to only buy from reputable jewellers and check the jewellery for signs of fakery. Warranty certificates should accompany jewel purchases. Your jewellery should be knowledgeable and transparent throughout the whole selection or design process.

Six Reasons Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift

How can fine jewellery make the best gift? Well, choosing the right bracelet or the perfect ring will create memories while showing the person that you care. The personalized present can speak volumes when you’re not sure what to say out loud. Still need convincing? Here are six reasons why jewellery can make the perfect gift.

A Nice Birthday or Anniversary Memory

Jewellery is often given to commemorate a special time in someone’s life, like a significant birthday or anniversary milestone. It’s a nice way of showing someone you care while creating a memory that will last them forever. Every time they look at the piece, they’ll be reminded of you as well as the special day that it represents.

It’s Long Lasting

Buying someone jewellery isn’t just a purchase, it’s a long term investment that the recipient will cherish for years to come. The value of the jewellery piece will appreciate in price, but if the gift is done right, they’ll never want to part with it.

It’s Personable

Jewellery is an extremely personal gift that not only suits the recipient’s immediate style but what they may like in the future as well. Whether you create a custom piece or grab something that just fits with their personality, it’s a gift that demonstrates thought and love. To customize it even further, have it engraved with a special date or phrase that means something to the two of you.

A Versatile Gift

It doesn’t matter what your budget is or the recipient’s personal taste, you’ll be able to find something they’ll love in the vast jewellery market. Whether they wear rings more so than bracelets, earrings over necklaces, there’s something for everyone in terms of type and style of jewellery. If you aren’t sure about something, ask a professional in a jewellery store for their expertise.

Suits Any Occasion

You can find a jewellery piece for any occasion, whether it’s right on the nose or something that’s loosely related to the special event. It’s a universally beloved trinket that comes in an endless supply of colours, styles, sizes, shapes, settings, you name it. You could know the person intensely or not well at all and still be able to surprise them with a gift the bridges the gap pretty well.

Elicits Surprise and Delight

While jewellery is somewhat of a common gift, it still has the power to evoke surprise and immense happiness. Unless there’s prior knowledge or suspicion, no one really expects to open up a box and see a beautiful gemstone encrusted ring or bracelet. It’s always a nice surprise that can often bring tears of joy along with it.

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