4 Tips for New Architects When Designing a Building

4 Tips for New Architects When Designing a Building

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

As a new architect, you’re probably very excited to start designing buildings. You may have even received a commission to do so. However, you’ll want to remain logical and put your best foot forward. So, here are four tips for new architects when designing a building.

1. Prioritize Safety

When designing a building, you must prioritize safety over anything else. So, you’ll want to have this element in mind at all times. First, make sure that there’s a viable exit in every area of the structure. You’ll also want to avoid overcrowding rooms in case of a fire. In terms of the overall design, try not to get too experimental. While you’ll certainly want to add your own flair, it’s essential to use the tried and true fundamentals for building integrity. If you’re unsure about how to do this, be sure to contact an expert. You’ll also want to get reliable manufacturers, particularly for important elements like structural glass engineering.

2. Be Creative

Creativity is essential in the world of architecture. After all, it’s hard to stand out with a rectangular-shaped building. So, unless the client has forbidden the use of creative elements, you’ll want to add some flair. First, consider who your client is. If the building is for a tech company, it may be wise to use sleek, geometric designs that invoke modernism. If the building is meant to be a cozy apartment complex, you might want to veer towards more laid-back elements. Next, consult with the client. The last thing you want is to take a risk without getting it approved. Finally, add the design to your portfolio. Any display of your personal touch can be a huge advantage later on.

3. Listen To Feedback

No matter how skilled you are at architecture, you certainly aren’t all-knowing. Because of this, it’s always wise to listen to feedback. While the person giving this opinion may not be trained in architecture, the building is still for that person. If the feedback given can’t be acted on, be sure to explain why in a polite manner. Never be condescending to the client. It’s also important to receive feedback afterward. If the client didn’t like the way you handled something, you’ll want to address it and learn from it.

4. Use Technology

Technology can be extremely helpful for modern architects. For one thing, it allows you to make easy calculations. Hours of work on a calculator could be reduced to minutes. Software may also help you envision your project. If you can utilize virtual reality technology, you may be able to see your building before it’s made. This can allow you to fix mistakes and increase the building’s aesthetic value. While technology may be fairly expensive, getting it as a long-term investment could be worth it.

Getting your first building commission can be tremendously exciting. However, you may also feel very nervous. No matter what, remember to believe in yourself and communicate at every juncture. Besides, regardless of how the project turns out, this is a step towards your future.