5 Tips To Dress Rich On A Budget

5 Tips To Dress Rich On A Budget

Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by rida

Looking wealthy and dressing rich doesn’t really have much to do with whether or not you actually have money. You may have come across people and friends in your life, who turn heads every where they go and dress well without making it seem like a big deal. If you tend to notice, there are a number of common characteristics in such people which include minimal jewelry, on-trend sunglasses and manicured nails. If you often feel the need to dress rich, you need to note that your style has nothing to with how much money you have, and listed below are five tips to dress rich on a budget:

1.      Purchase a few staple pieces

In order to look like old money, it is crucial that you splurge on a few staple pieces that are likely to be in your wardrobe in the longer run. A basic high quality white shirt, a cashmere scarf and good quality heels are three staples that you need to have in your wardrobe at all times. Look for retailers and designers such as Kinross clothes that produce high quality designer wear.

2.      Avoid pieces that feature logos

Most luxury designers that produce high-end couture pieces tend to do away with featuring big logos or names on their clothing pieces. This is essentially because they feature distinct cuts and expensive fabrics in their clothing that is distinct from other designers. Hence, try to purchase pieces that are essentially plain, do not feature over-the-top logos or trademarks and feature cool and trendy cuts. Also try to use accessories such as bags and sunglasses that do not feature any crests or logos.

3.      Get your clothes tailored

In order to dress rich, wear well-fitted clothes as opposed to settling for poorly fitted clothes. While getting your clothes tailored may be an extra expense, a little goes a long way when it comes to tailored clothes. If you do not want to splurge, you can always learn a little DIY and tailor your clothes yourself by using a small and portable sewing machine. If you do not want to do the tailoring yourself, you should take not of departmental stores that offer free tailoring on certain items.

4.      Prefer quality over quantity

Instead of using your budget as an excuse to purchase cheap quality clothing and preferring quantity over quality, you should make it a point to purchase fewer articles that feature sustainable textiles and are long-lasting despite a bigger price tag. Your wardrobe should not include on-trend fad pieces and rather you should purchase well-tailored and classic pieces that are likely to stay in fashion for much longer. You don’t have to necessarily purchase a separate outfit altogether for every night out and instead you can always mix and match all your key pieces to make the same pieces work differently and make each outfit stand out. This is why it is necessary to prefer quality over quantity and invest in quality pieces that last you.

5.      Purchase minimal blingy jewelry pieces

Make sure that the jewelry pieces you invest in are small enough to seem authentic but are also distinct and noticeable. This may include minimal gold jewelry that you may purchase or pieces that feature small diamonds as central. A lot of jewelry may make you seem fake and the goal here is to appear rich while maintaining class which is why you should restraint the amount of jewelry you use. Your jewelry plays a key role in your entire outfit, and if you choose your jewelry wisely, you are likely to leave a long-lasting impression on everyone you pass and are likely to be remembered by most.

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