6 Tips to Groom your horse

Groom your horse

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Animals can’t speak our language, but they understand us through our gestures. Everyone can speak the universal language of kindness and care, be it animals or humans. If you have a pet animal, then you might know about this very well.

Pets such as dogs, cats, horses, etc., can communicate with us through gestures. Their love and loyalty towards us depend upon how well we treat them.

Grooming your pet is an important part of the care routine. Grooming is of utmost importance when you have a pet horse.

Are you wondering why you should groom your horse?

· Grooming is a sign that you care for your horse.

· It also ensures the good health of your horse.

· Grooming your horse regularly also ensures their hygiene.

· You can get more acquainted with your horse and your horse with you.

· It improves the skin and coat health of your horse.

· A well-groomed, healthy, and clean horse is the one who performs to the best of its abilities.

Along with ensuring the good health of your horse, grooming helps you understand your horse better. It’s safe to say that grooming helps you to improve your bond with the horse.

Good grooming helps you with all the above necessary things. You should use a proper grooming kit. Pet City is the place you can buy a good grooming kit from.

Here are 6 tips to help you groom your horse.

Your horse should stay in place.

To ensure proper grooming, it is necessary that the horse should stay in one place and not move continuously. That way, it is convenient for you to get the work done. You should take the precaution of tying your horse before you begin the whole grooming process. This will allow you clean and groom your horse with ease.

Start from the hoofs.

You should start the grooming of your horse from their hoofs. To do this, lift the hoof you want to clean carefully in your hand. Make sure that you don’t lift the horse’s leg too high, as this can result in imbalance and discomfort of the horse. Use a hoof pick to remove the dirt stuck in the foot. Remember to be gentle.

Comb your horse.

After cleaning the hooves, the horse’s body is the next. You have to use a curry comb while doing this. You can start currying from your horse’s mane or body. Make sure you cover all the parts. While currying your horse, it is very important to be gentle, as this process can sometimes make the horse uncomfortable. Currying helps to clean the horse’s body by removing all the dirt and also improves the blood circulation of the horse.

Remove the dirt.

After currying, the next step is to remove the dirt stuck in the horse’s coat. You can use a dandy brush for this purpose. Brush the horse’s coat in the direction of hair growth and remove the dirt particles gently. After that, smooth down the hair of the horse using a body brush.

Clean the sensitive areas.

You have to be extra careful while cleaning the sensitive area of the horse’s body. For cleaning the parts like the face or dock area, you will have to use a damp sponge or cloth. Wipe those areas out smoothly, and don’t apply unnecessary pressure. Also, make sure that the cloth you use is clean and hygienic.


After cleaning and grooming the rest of the parts, the next comes the mane. A horse with a clean and shining mane looks more striking and beautiful. You should detangle and comb the hair on the mane. While you are at it, make sure to straighten the hair properly and gently. Do not tug the hair while combing. After you finish combing the mane, groom the tail carefully. Make sure that you stay away from the kicking range of the horse while doing that.

All these tricks will help you with the grooming of your horse. Grooming cleans and calms the horse. It is also a good habit for you to cultivate. It helps you to spend time with your horse, which results in a better understanding of the horse. Grooming helps to make your bond with your horse strong and unbreakable; make sure you do it nicely!

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