10 Tips To Learn and memorize Surahs Quickly

10 Tips To Learn and memorize Surahs Quickly

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The word al-Quran comes from the Arabic root, meaning “to read.” It is an essential part of Islamic practice that Muslims try to memorize to show their love for God. This article will give info about the Quran quick learning tips and memorizing surahs quickly so that you can understand them easily and remember them forever.

Start with short surahs.

If you are starting in your journey of learning the Quran, then it would be wise to start with short surahs. Short Surahs are also easier to recite, understand and remember than lengthy ones. Furthermore, short Surahs can be studied quickly, which helps us learn them faster than Longer Surahs.

Choose easy surahs.

There are many surahs in the Quran, but some are easier to memorize than others. Therefore, if you are looking for easy Surah learning tips, choosing a short one with a single theme and simple language is best. The shorter the Surah, the better because they will be repeated more often during prayers. Furthermore, they are easier to learn by heart and therefore more likely to be remembered.

You must also understand what you’re saying when reciting verses from the Quran. This helps make it much easier for your brain to process information rather than just repeating words without understanding them or knowing what they mean.

Recite and memorize Quran Surah daily.

  • Recite and memorize Quran Surah daily.
  • Recite the Surah you want to memorize at least five times daily, preferably after each prayer.
  • Recite the Surah at least 15 minutes daily, either in one sitting or divided into parts of five minutes each.

Read the translation of the Surah repeatedly.

Reading the translation of the Surah repeatedly is a great way to learn and memorize it quickly. Moreover, the more you read, the more familiar and comfortable you will be with it.

You can also read it in different languages, such as Arabic, Urdu or English. This will help your understanding of all three languages. Reading it in different voices will also make things easier for you because sometimes when someone else reads it for us, we can understand better than when reading ourselves. So if anyone can help you with this, then please do so!

You could also try reading many translations together so that each word sounds different based on who is saying it and their language. This will help prevent boredom during learning and provide extra confidence while studying alone without someone there guiding us through difficult parts that might otherwise discourage us from continuing further down another road paved by dreams rather than reality – where there’s no light shining down upon our path toward enlightenment.

Listen to good reciters.

  • Listen to good reciters.
  • Listen to reciters who have good pronunciation.
  • Listen to reciters who are fluent in the language you are learning.
  • Listen to reciters who have a good voice, intonation, and accent.

Learn from others who have already memorized some surahs.

Set a goal to learn one Surah a week, and then keep striving to go beyond that. It may seem like it’s taking too long, but if you keep up with it, you’ll see results in no time!

One easy way to easy tips to memorize Surahs is by learning them with family and friends. This process will become much easier if everyone has their copy of the Quran and they are all reciting the same surahs together aloud.

Another easy way for Muslims to memorize the Quran is by using technology such as apps on their phones or tablets, which have an audio feature that reads along with each verse as it scrolls across your screen (much like when reading other kinds of books).

Gather your courage and start Quran Easy classes for kids in USA.

The first step to learning and memorizing Surahs quickly is to start. To begin with, you must choose which Surah you want to start learning. The surahs that are easier for a beginner are those with few words and easy meaning. For example, Surah Baqarah is the longest chapter in Quran, containing 286 verses, while An-Nisa has only 176 verses as compared to other chapters of the Quran. Still, because it has fewer words than others, it becomes easier for a beginner How to memorize surahs quickly.

After choosing which Surah you want to learn first, go ahead and recite it daily at least five times without fail until your mind can memorize the whole thing by heart without any effort on your behalf whatsoever!

If possible, try listening t some good reciters of the Qur’an such as Abdul bary al-Hadi, who was born in Saudi Arabia; Ahmed Alzohairy, who was born in Egypt; Abdullah Basfar, who was born in Saudi Arabia; Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, who was also born in Saudi Arabia etc.,

Use a smart mobile app to learn, practice, and recite the Surah you want to memorize.

If you want to learn, practice, and recite the Surah you want to memorize, then you can use a smart mobile app. Several available apps provide this service. Here is a list of the top 5 best apps in 2019 that can help you learn, practice and recite Surahs quickly:

  • Quranic Arabic Pro
  • Quranic Arabic (QA) by Al-Quran Software
  • تقريب القرآن المجود للشيخ محمد ناصر بن عوسي العثيمين
  • Quran Easy classes for kids in USA by Da’wah Tamer Institute (Arabic) – Free Quran Learning Tips App For Kids And Adults! With Audio Readings By Hamza Yusuf And Others!#quraneasy #hamzauusuf #quran #quransoftware

No one is born with perfect memory power. So instead, increase your memory power by using some basic tricks that will be useful throughout your life.

No one is born with perfect memory power. So instead, increase your memory power by using some basic tricks that will be useful throughout your life.

Memory is a skill that can be learned, practised and improved, just like any other skill. However, it’s important to note that what we call “memory” is an amalgamation of many different skills working together: attention, association, organization and retrieval. In short: if you want to increase your memory ability (or anything else related), don’t worry about trying to improve each skill in isolation—focus on improving them all together instead!


So, if you want to improve your memory power and memorize Surah quickly, follow the above tips. Then, you will be able to memorize and recite the Quran Surah with ease.

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