Tips To Make The Most Of Your Air Conditioners In Any Season

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Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Most of us believe that an air conditioner only works to cool a room down but that’s a myth. Air conditioners are just as important for the colder months as they are to rescue us from breathtaking heat in summer

Due to technological advancements, nowadays modern air conditioners can regulate the temperature both in summer and winter. It is not only normal but also essential to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house in any season. Domestic Aircon Service SA has a solid history of providing excellent customer service and client satisfaction.

Is Your AC Working?

There are a lot of ways to identify if your Air Conditioner is in working condition or not such as an increase in electricity bills, obnoxious smell and releasing of hot air. When it comes to air conditioning contractors in Adelaide, regular servicing is vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of all air conditioning units and systems. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your air conditioners in any season:

Changing of filters

Although this is the most basic step it needs the most reminder. It is advisable to change filters every couple of months or more when used frequently. Dusty filters reduced the quality of the air in the house hence making the system work harder and longer. This is one of the most inexpensive methods of maintenance.


It is foolish to convert a room directly from a furnace to an ice blast. That is not just bad for the AC but also your health. If you are blessed with a pre-programmable air conditioner, use that to your benefit. The Air conditioner has to work extra hard to drop the temperature. Pre-cooling at a slower rate can give you instant relief and also not bother its functioning.


We all need some help at some point in life. Placing a fan next to the AC can help cool a bigger room quicker without pressurizing a single machine. It will help to spread the colder air throughout the room, it is also used by some for more targeted cooling.

A cover for the outside condenser

While some of us may mistake that the outside condenser has nothing to do with inner cooling, if not kept in a shade it is like asking an oven to act as a fridge. However, while providing cover it should be kept in mind that the airflow is not disrupted anyhow. The only goal of providing shade is to keep the machine cool and protect it from harmful elements.

Clean all AC components

Timely servicing is one way to ensure that all the AC components are clean. It is also crucial to clear and cleanse all the vents to forbid dust from cluttering them. If all the components are not cleaned properly, it will increase workload and thereby increase electricity bills. You can also hire professional services. Domestic Aircon Service SA takes pride in providing such services.


We are so dependent on air conditioners we cannot imagine a single day in summer without AC. Hence, proper maintenance is very essential.

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