How to ensure the safety when you purchase the turnstile gate

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Personnel safety: to ensure the safety of passing personnel

The use of any equipment should not cause harm to users.

This article is mainly to understand the mechanism of turnstile gate products in the aspects of personnel movement trajectory and behavior identification detection, anti pinch mechanism of illegal entry personnel, emergency response processing in case of emergency, etc. these aspects are also the basis for ensuring the high safety of security turnstile gate products.

A certain number of infrared detection points are set at different positions in the inner channel of the turnstile gate products. When people pass through, their limbs will block the detection points. Multiple detection points can effectively identify the movement track and behavior of people passing through. The turnstile gate can realize high-efficiency logic judgment through the tracking logic detection algorithm running in the central controller based on high-performance ARM technology, In order to drive the response action of security turnstile gate wings, high-end gate products generally do not use the traditional point type infrared detection method, but use LED high-density matrix infrared detection light curtain to judge the pedestrian’s position, area, state, traffic direction and the validity of authorization verification in the passage, calculate and analyze, so as to make the corresponding judgment. 

At present, tracking traffic detection mode is adopted to protect pedestrian safety. The more the number of sensor points, the better the security and functionality, but at the same time, the higher the complexity of the logic algorithm. Among the similar products, 16-20 pairs of high-end products are used at most, and the minimum monitoring distance can reach 12 cm.

The anti pinch protection function of the turnstile gate is realized through the channel and the traffic detection system. In the process of pedestrian traffic, any protection sensor is triggered, and the channel will be in the open state. When the door is closed, the door will become free immediately when it is blocked by objects, so as to prevent people from being hurt and ensure the personal safety of pedestrians.

Emergency handling function in case of emergency. The security turnstile gate equipment shall reserve fire signal. When receiving fire signal warning or power failure, the door leaf will automatically unlock and become free state, forming barrier free passage for emergency evacuation. It will not lead to accidents. This emergency function can also realize the setting and switching of channel operation state through remote channel monitoring management system.

No matter how many measures the turnstile gate has to protect the safety of personnel, if there is no good after-sales maintenance, it will gradually lose its effect. Therefore, in the purchase, we should choose a good gate maintenance provider to provide services for the original factory or a special service provider.

Performance security: reliable and durable operation capability

This article is mainly to understand the motor technology of turnstile gate hardware, fault free operation time, personnel passing rate per unit time, system maintainability, etc.

In terms of ensuring reliability, the first is the important channel system. The turnstile gate drive motor of high-end gate products adopts DC brushless servo drive technology. At present, servo drive technology is the most advanced motor technology. The vast majority of products in the market are ordinary DC motor, and the advantages of brushless servo motor are fast operation, no mechanical loss, accurate positioning and stable operation. The action time of the channel gate with DC brushless servo drive technology is less than 0.8 seconds, so as to ensure the high traffic rate of 60 people per minute. Generally, the fault free operation time of high-end gate products is no less than 8 million times.

Security: a high level of security

This article is mainly to understand the processing mechanism of the turnstile gate products for the detection, prevention and alarm of illegal entry personnel, so as to prevent the occurrence of personnel tailing phenomenon. The tail detection function includes two detection methods, one is tail entry detection, the other is reverse entry detection.

The tailing behavior in the tailing detection function refers to the deceptive behavior that the personnel attempt to pass without passing the legal authorization. When the authorized personnel have left the safe area of the channel after passing the channel, the door leaf of the channel will automatically close, but at the same time, there are unauthorized personnel attempting to follow through the channel, and the door leaf will block the passage of pedestrians. At this time, the channel will sound Sound alarm and indicator light alarm; When the authorized personnel have not left the safe area of the passageway when passing through the passageway, the following personnel try to follow them. Due to the consideration of personal safety in the design, if the door leaf is closed, it will hurt people, so the door leaf of the passageway will not be closed at this time, but the passageway equipment will have sound alarm and indicator light alarm to remind our staff of abnormal situation This situation reflects the gate’s ability of security protection and personal safety protection.

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