Top 12 Microsoft Certification Courses In 2021


Last Updated on January 8, 2022 by azamqasim

A Microsoft certification is one of the most respected and widely-accepted certifications in the world of technology. From young graduates to working professionals, everyone is striving to earn certifications offered by Microsoft, which are the centre of attention. Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Office programs are widely used today. 

It also offers other product portfolios, which include gaming, online services, and hardware. The certification program, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program offered by Microsoft, trains individuals to use its different technologies depending upon the specific roles and domains. Several Microsoft certificates are available today and can be earned by appearing for the respective examinations. 

What Are Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft’s certifications are categorized into three different levels – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Alternatively, these levels are also referred to as badges that are divided into three different tiers. 

  • Fundamental 

The fundamental level certification includes Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). This certification level validates IT professionals for their expertise in technical aspects, like databases, cloud security, and software development. There are three MTA Certifications – IT Infrastructure, Developer, and Database. All these certifications are intended for beginners. 

  • Associate

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is an associate-level certification designed for IT candidates who wish to seek an entry-level job in the Information Security domain. MCSA Course test individuals for their knowledge of developing cloud-based and on-site solutions in any one of Microsoft’s technology platforms, like Azure, SQL Server, Windows Server, and Windows Client.

  • Expert

The highest level of Microsoft’s certifications is expert-level, which includes Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). These certifications demonstrate professionals’ knowledge in developing cloud-based solutions on different Microsoft technology platforms. 

Top 12 Microsoft Certification Courses

  • Dynamics 365 Fundamental

This beginner-level certification demonstrates a candidate’s knowledge of using Dynamics 365, identifying all Microsoft’s platforms and their respective components for Dynamics 365. 

  • Power Platform Fundamental

This fundamental-level certification does not require any prerequisites, except for the basic understanding of computer technology, the internet, cloud computing, and data analytics. It evaluates an individual’s understanding of power platforms. 

  • Azure Developer Associate

This associate-level certification requires applicants to possess the knowledge of subject matter expertise designing, testing, building, and maintaining cloud services and applications on the Azure platform. One must hold at least one year of working experience in Azure. 

  • Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

This certification validates the aspirants’ knowledge and understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other related Microsoft Azure services. Candidates with technical and non-technical backgrounds can pursue this fundamental-level certification. 

  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This expert-level certification tests an individual’s knowledge of designing, executing and monitoring business solutions on the Azure infrastructure and developing security and storage solutions. 

  • Dynamics 365: Finance And Operations App

An expert-level certification validates applicants’ expertise in identifying, designing, and testing business solutions using Dynamics 365. 

  • Azure Database Administrator Associate

An associate-level course tests program skills required for planning, executing, optimizing, and monitoring operation resources and data platform resources. Professionals are required to develop and handle cloud-native and hybrid data platform solution’s operation aspects. 

  • Enterprise Administrator Expert

This expert-level certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise in evaluating, planning, migrating, managing, and deploying Microsoft 365 services. 

  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Expert

An expert-level certification demonstrates that applicants have an in-depth understanding and advanced expertise in handling Microsoft Excel 2016. Microsoft Excel experts also guide others to use the software’s features properly. 

  •  Microsoft Certified: Educator

The Educator Certification enables aspirants to circulate their knowledge and skill to students and make the learning experience more interesting and rich. This certification is best suited for faculty of teacher training colleges, educators-in-training, etc.  

  •  Microsoft Office Specialist: Word

This certification tests individuals’ skills in using Microsoft Word 2013 to complete any business task efficiently. There are no prerequisites to earn this certification. Basic knowledge of computers is required. 

  •  Microsoft Access 2016

This course demonstrates that one has a strong understanding of MS Access and uses it to solve more intricate and complex business problems. Applicants only require a basic knowledge of computers. 


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