Top Six Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space

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Organizing your kitchen space is always satisfying. You set up the existing items smartly and make way for additional. No matter what size of kitchen you have, you navigate through each item and designate a special place for it there. With so much effort, you finally get a tidied-up space, and everything becomes unexpectedly accessible. In case you are bored sitting inside this pandemic lockdown phase, here are some clever yet budget-friendly tips to optimize your kitchen space with minimal efforts –

Start with a De-Clutter

An untidy and messy kitchen reduces the space appeal to a significant percentage. If you do want that to happen in your kitchen, you need to devote time to organize the cabinets and drawers first. Create a separate compartment for each item, including spoons, knives, pot lids, coffee machine, green tea bags, and more. Donate or dump what you do not need.

Do a Deep Clean

Before you put back your kitchen items in the storage, it is best to have everything wiped down with a soft cloth. That includes your oil bottles, spice containers, cutlery, mixer-grinder, and the cabinets and drawers too. You would be surprised to see how things start to look good already without much of an effort. Cleanliness indeed takes your kitchen organization game a notch higher.

Find a Correct Location

Understanding which items go where requires you to know your needs. You want to keep everything at your eye level, at front and center, to be able to access them while cooking almost immediately. Have your daily use essentials within your reach and in transparent containers. You can keep the rarely used items away or on the top shelves.

Get a Custom Cabinetry

If you do not have ample storage space in your kitchen, you can add DIY shelving. If the current space allows, you can also install more cabinets. With custom kitchen cabinets, you can achieve personalization, durability, and better quality. You have the freedom to pick the materials and enjoy expert craftsmanship. You can even opt for sustainable materials to support the environment. Talk to your kitchen renovation experts about such options.

Add a Hanging Pot Rack

If you have pretty pots and pans, you can be immensely creative in organizing them. Mounting them on the wall with hooks is one way. If you want to be unique with your ideas, installing a hanging rack can be considered. It is an intelligent way of storage when you don’t have enough pots or storage space already. Besides, it doubles as décor.

Use a Plastic Bag Dispenser

We all struggle with plastic bags all the time. And while you can stuff one bag into the other, it does turn into clutter pretty quickly. A great way to streamline this mess is to use a dispenser to hold all of your grocery plastic bags and fit them into your cabinet. You can buy a sleek stainless steel model and make it an interesting element in the corner of your kitchen.

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