Treat Your Skin: The 8 Best Soaps for Oily Skin

Soaps for Oily Skin

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It’s annoying to deal with and sometimes, it makes you feel unclean. Oily skin is a common skin type that can lead to clogged pores and acne. Fear not, because natural ingredients can provide you the solution for your oily skin. Here are some of the best soaps for oily skin to help your skin thrive.

1. Jojoba and Aloe Vera Face Bar

This face bar combines two powerful ingredients that work wonders on the skin when used often. Jojoba oil and aloe are both non-comedogenic and moisturizing on the skin, which helps to control oily skin.

You may be wary of putting more oil on your face when you already have oily skin. Research shows that moisturizing your face with non-comedogenic products, like natural soap, is key to regulating the amount of sebum, or oil, that the sebaceous glands in your pores produce.

2. Oatmeal Face Bar

Oatmeal is not only good for heart health, but it also provides wondrous benefits for the skin.

When applied to the face, oatmeal helps to exfoliate, soothe, and moisturize the skin. Keeping your skin moisturized and happy is key to controlling oily skin.

With an oatmeal face bar, you reap all the benefits that oatmeal provides without clogging your drain!

3. Activated Charcoal Clarifying Soap

If you’ve tried all the products on the market to help control your oily skin and you haven’t found one that works, it’s because you haven’t tried activated charcoal soap.

This charcoal soap bar is the best face soap for oily skin because of one key ingredient: charcoal.

This ingredient goes deep into the skin to clean and unclog your pores, leaving you with fresh, even skin to work with.

4. Turmeric Face Bar

When applied to the face, turmeric can help regulate the sebaceous glands in your pores to stop producing excessive oil. This helps combat persistent oily skin. Turmeric also helps brighten and restore luster in the face, which leaves you with a natural glowing face.

5. Honey Castile Soap

Honey is anti-inflammatory and nourishing–both qualities you want in a bar soap for oily skin. This natural soap keeps your face clean, fresh and moisturized throughout the day.

6. Tea Tree Soap Bar

A study found that participants who used tea tree oil with their sunscreen noticed improvements in their oily skin. A tea tree bar soap can help to control the sebum on your face while providing anti-acne properties.

7. Green Tea Face Wash

This is the best soap for men’s oily skin as green tea is a neutral scent. Green tea helps to improve the appearance of the skin by soothing and protecting your skin from harmful UV effects. Drinking green tea and using a green tea face wash will help to manage your oily skin.

8. A Combination of Different Ingredients

The best bar soap for oily skin is the one that you most enjoy. If you prefer to mix any of the face bar ingredients above, do it! All these ingredients help to combat oily skin while providing the best experience possible.

Popular combinations include turmeric and honey, honey and oats, turmeric and aloe, and more.

The Best Soaps For Oily Skin

If you’ve tried and found little success with all the big brand skin care products for oily skin, try using natural face soaps, like the ones above. These are some of the best soaps for oily skin.

Natural face soaps contain powerful ingredients that help to control your pores’ sebaceous glands and improves your skin at the same time. Not to mention, you know exactly what you’re using on your body. That’s a win-win.

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