Is it easy to trigger the free slot spins bonus round in low volatility games?

Free slot spins bonus

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As important as it is, most players do not consider it as a key point to playing slots. What are we talking about? Slot volatility. Most players do not think that it is important to know the volatility of a game and the role it may play in getting free slot spins bonus.

Majorly, players consider the jackpots, RTP, themes, gameplay, but one thing they hardly pay attention to is the volatility – check out more Microgaming titles. We should look at how easy it is to trigger free slot spins bonus rounds in low volatility games, right? Let’s explore this together then.

·         What is a Slot Volatility?

Slot Volatility comes with slot machines, it’s like the control Slot owners have to regulate the number of wins players get. Like a measure of how your gameplay results are distributed. Low volatility means that your results are closer to your stake or your wager, it means you win in bits, or gradually. High volatility means that your results are far from your wager. Higher. When it’s higher, you can’t win frequently. Slot machines won’t let you have that luxury.  They control that. Why? because they are going to be on the edge of losing too much if you win too frequently in large sums. This is interconnected with your Return To Player (RTP). A high RTP guarantees a high payback, however, the chances that you’ll truly get it back relies on the game’s Volatility. How? The focus is on low volatile games, let’s dive right into it.

·         Low Volatility And Bonus Rounds

Low volatile slots only one thing, that you’ll get to win more frequently, than when you’re on a highly volatile slot because it’s been programmed to release more wins since it’s not in very huge sums. There’s a tie however, high RTP slots usually have low volatility too. Hence, not only are win regular, bonus rounds too. A low volatile slot guarantees players endless spins for bonus rounds.

You can amass your wins up, till it reaches that level you desire. Highly volatile slots will give you big wins, but well you may have to starve for it. You could spin up to 100 times without anything to show for it. Low volatility cum  a high return to player,  is the real deal.

·         Identifying Low Volatility Games

Thing is, it is not simple to know some of these things, especially a slot’s Volatility unless you play it. There is what is called the “Volatility Index”, giving numerical statistics of how volatile the game is. However VI information doesn’t leave the circle of manufacturers and slot owners, it never gets to players. Generally, slots come with the highest volatility only the level may vary. One sure thing a player can do to find out a slot Volatility is to check reviews of slots online. That way, you get to see all you need to know about the volatility, free spins, and bonus rounds.

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