Types of Car Washing Machines Used in Kenya

Types of Car Washing Machines Used in Kenya

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

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 Cars are machines we use day to day for traveling and moving our things. There is also a need to clean them using a car washing machine. To do so, we have to know different types of car washing machines in the market to know which one is appropriate for your plans, and this article has precisely that.

Starting a car washing investment, having a motor store, or maybe you have a car and need a washing machine? Do you need to know the different types of car washing machines? Here I will be talking about the standard car washing machine types. When selecting a car washing machine, you need to know the size and type of vehicle you have. Below are types of car washing machines, including automatic  car washing machines, portable car washing machines, dual belt conveyor washing machine electric steam car wash machines, as discussed

Portable Car Washing Machine

it is an easy movable car wash machine. This machine is flexible, and it is also multipurpose. It can wash your car and help you clean the household items, pathways, gates, and home appliances used in the garden. This type of machine is cheap, and its durability period is extended.

 It also uses less water depending on the size of the vehicle. It is usually recommended for a small and minimum number of cars.

Automatic Car Washing Machine

Here is the best washing machine for those in love with their automobile. An automated car washing machine doesn’t require a person to operate it manually. This machine saves water and time. Using this machine is advantageous because it washes even under the car and prevents dirt. This type of machine saves water through recycling, which is environmentally friendly.

It does not have brushes or touches, but technology and pressure help it clean. It is one of the highest car washing machine price in Kenya.

Dual Belt Conveyer Car Washing Machine

It is almost identical to the automatic one. It is costly to obtain and maintain but very easy to use. It is made of pure metal and uses cold water to clean with little pressure. It can clean a large variety of cars.

Electric Steam  Car Washing Machine

It is powered by electricity, and it heats water to produce steam used to clean the car. This machine is eco-friendly; it is safe to clean both inside and outside the vehicle. It is also be used to clean household surfaces. It has a modern and bright control system with a durable body design and a steam vessel that is efficient and strong.

 After using this type of car cleaning machine, the driving experience is comfortable and safe due to the machine’s ability to clean and sanitize the car leaving a clean environment and scent. This type of machine saves water and time.

Above are some of the types of car washing machines. The article will help you select your favorite according to your specifications.

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