Types Of Dentures And What Is Best For You

Types Of Dentures

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There are multiple methods to replace your missing teeth. One of them is getting dentures. There are several types of dentures on the market, each one made for different purposes. Therefore, if you decide on getting dentures, consult with your dentist about which option would suit you the best. 

If you are self-conscious about your smile while talking to people, it is probably time for dentures. Dentures can highly improve self-image and confidence. Columbia, SC dentures are the key if you seek a one-time solution for your missing or damaged teeth. However, if you have only lost one or two teeth, you can consider getting dental implants in Tallahassee FL instead. Dental implants are a cheaper alternative to dentures and have a host of other benefits as well — they are much more natural-looking and are easier to maintain in the long run.

Types Of Dentures

Complete dentures. 

Full or complete dentures consist of both lower and upper sets of teeth and are removable. These dentures are made of porcelain or acrylic, held together in place using acrylic or metal base. Complete dentures are needed when you lose all of your teeth. This is often seen in older people. Dentures help them smile better and also chew their food correctly. 

Partial dentures. 

Partial dentures are required when a person is missing only a few teeth. These can be of either or both upper and lower sets and can be removed after use. Dentists usually recommend taking dentures out before sleeping and also cleaning them regularly. 

Temporary dentures. 

As the name suggests, temporary dentures are fitted into your mouth only for a short while until you receive custom-made permanent dentures. These are available at the dentist’s office and can be used temporarily for eating food. The dentist recommends these so that you do not have to put much pressure on your remaining teeth for eating, and your mouth can heal without making significant changes in your lifestyle. 

Partial fixed dentures. 

These dentures are fixed permanently in your mouth and cannot be removed. The purpose of these is to fill the gap or gaps in your mouth created by one or more missing teeth. The common term for this is “bridge.” This is because the dentures act as a bridge in the space of the missing teeth. Since these are permanent and irremovable, they cost more than other dentures. 

Implant-supported dentures. 

These are permanent dentures for people who have lost their upper and lower teeth. The implants are surgically deeply drilled inside your jawbone, and then your dentist attaches the dentures to the implants. After the treatment, they stay firmly in their place. You can eat hard and crunchy foods with permanent dentures, which removable dentures do not allow. 

To conclude, there are various permanent and temporary options for your missing teeth. Based on your preference regarding the costs and convenience, you can pick whichever treatment you like. You can also consult your dentist to get tailored suggestions based on your needs.

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