5 Useful Laptop Accessories You Should Own

laptop accessories

Last Updated on July 27, 2021 by azamqasim

Investing in a new laptop would be of no use if you do not purchase the right accessories to go with it as well. However, the ‘right’ means different for different people. Many do not even realize that they need to invest in accessories to protect their laptops and for their better functionality. For some, like me, having a laptop and Internet is enough. However, the price of packages matters for me as well which was the main reason I love the internet rates for the top US ISPs! However, I have come to realize that accessories are equally important.

Here are some of the top choices to invest in: 


Your laptop can continue to look as good as new for many months and even a year or so if you treat it the right way. And the first step to treating it right is investing in a laptop bag or case. You might think that this is an extra investment but you have no idea how the dirt and the scratches on your laptop can make it look.

Other than this, you can also invest in a padded sleeve as the primary goal is to protect your laptop. So, any accessory that provides that, you should go with it. There is no right and wrong in this case. Search online and you would come across a gazillion options. Make sure that anything that you invest in is light and easy to carry. As you do not want to end up having an ache in the arm.


Did you know that you can get hold of easily bendable and manageable cables as well? If you have been using a laptop for a long time now, you would know the pain that carrying cables and dongles around are. So, your best buy, in this case, would be to invest in USB cables. Anker has one of the best to offer. However, if you can afford and are looking for something expensive, there cannot be a better option than Native Union cable. This four feet cable will make your life easy. As it has o-flex strain relief.

The leather strap that the cable comes with helps ensure that you can tie it and place it safely in your bag. And whenever you take it out, it will look like a spaghetti bowl. All you would have to do is untie the cable and plug it in wherever you wish to.


DO NOT underestimate the power of a good touchpad. And one of the best options out there is the Sensel Morph touchpad. This particular pad has over 20,000 sensors and 32,000 of amazing levels of sensitivity. Not only this, but the touchpad is also capable of registering up to 16 simultaneous touch points. Some of the customized overlays include the option for:

  • Music
  • Keyboards
  • Gaming controls

You can use it in two ways. Either you decide to go with the wireless option over Bluetooth or you select the plugging in via USB option. However, remember that you would have to purchase each overlay separately.


In case you own a recent laptop, then you would see that the option to charge it over USB is also available. And it is the best amongst all the other options because of the ease and convenience. If you have not had an experience with USB chargers before, you should consider investing in Anker’s 60W, 5 port wall charger. This charger comes with the following:

  • Four USB ports
  • 29-watt fast charging port
  • Built-in PowerIQ

Headphone Holder

Many people do not even know that something like this exists. However, you should invest in it as a headphone holder would make your desk look neater and you do not have to struggle to find them every time as well. You would be surprised to see that there are various options and designs available for headphone holders as well. From steel to wooden, you would find them all. Do not worry about the prices as you would find a cheap deal as well.

Gaming Mouse

In case you are into gaming, you would also want to invest in a gaming mouse. You might think that you have a touchpad but specific accessories for specific purposes are there for a reason. And nothing beats the accessories that are there for specific tasks. So, do not think that you would be wasting money if you purchase a gaming mouse separately. It would only make your experience better.

Apart from all these, there are several other accessories that you can invest in depending on your needs. At times it is not the accessories that one is looking for but other things that could go well with the laptop. For example, I opted to download the Spectrum TV app as I had the best TV package ever. This may sound absurd to many but I found the absolute need to do so. So the choices also vary from individual to individual.