How to Vet the Right Furnace Repair Company for Your Needs

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On the coldest days of the year, you need your furnace more than ever. So when it creaks to a standstill and refuses to blow air while cold air seeps in from under door cracks and through windows, you have a serious problem. A good furnace repair company will have your HVAC system up and running in no time and have your home warm and toasty. But what happens when you happen to hire a bad furnace repair company? At best, they won’t fix your problem, and at worst, they will cause more damage. 

How do you know if you’ve happened to find a reliable furnace company? Keep reading for all the things you should look for when searching for your next furnace repair service


Every state has its own requirements for certification. Certification means your HVAC technicians have passed a rigorous rating process. They do not just receive a certificate when they finish schooling. 

Some contractors may have to pass a test or be in service for a given period of time. Ask if the furnace repair company is certified before you think about hiring them. 

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Licensed and Insured

Certification is one means of verifying a repair company is legitimate. You also want to make sure the furnace repair company has proper licensing and insurance. 

Licensing indicates that your contractor is a professional in their field. They’re not just a fly-by-night handyman but rather someone you can trust with one of the biggest investments in your home. 

You also need to make sure your furnace repair company is insured. Only choose contractors with proper insurance. If the company is uninsured and the contractor sustains an injury on your property, you are responsible for the injury. 

Ask for proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance before you hire the furnace repair company you find. 

Legitimate Address

Legitimate companies have legitimate addresses. Do not just trust a P.O. box, a website, or a Facebook page. Even an office from the contractor’s home is more legitimate. 

You want a physical address to prove that the company is legitimate. Moonlighters and general handymen will not have a physical address. 


Ask the contractor about their length of time in business. What is their training? Are they a multi-generational business? 

These things all indicate a degree of experience. 

Often those who have worked in the business for more than ten years have more than adequate experience working on a variety of HVAC systems. If you find a multi-generational business, you’ve struck gold. The older members of the business have the necessary experience while younger members have training on new methods.

You might find better rates with a newly established repairman, but you will not find the experience you need that can have you sleeping peacefully at night. You want to hire a professional with experience doing several types of HVAC repair jobs. 

Referrals and Credentials

People who receive good care love to tell others about the service they received. On the flip side, when a company really messes up, individuals are quick to tell others. 

For this reason, you can trust the referrals and credentials of a company. Ask specifically for referrals from people they’ve worked with before 

Run a search for the company online and see what reviewers have to say. People are genuinely honest when a company does a good or a poor job. You can also verify positive testimonials by talking to people in your community who have used this company before. 

If you need to have a contractor remove your furnace, look for a contractor who works with your specific brand or model of furnace. Find a contractor who really understands your brand. 

Trustworthy Appearances

Ultimately, the way you look tells the world a lot about you. Look for a company that fits their employees with clean, neat uniforms and requires an appropriate level of grooming. 

Often moonlighters will come in dirty t-shirts and ripped jeans. They do not have a company to represent, and they typically do a poor job as a result. 

Just about anyone can go through HVAC school and training. The one who cares about their work will also care about their appearance. So vet the company by evaluating the service man’s appearance as well. 

Always ask for the desired paperwork as well. If the contractor hesitates to show you their license, permits, bond, insurance, and professional certificates, do not hire them. If you feel uneasy about the contractor, there’s a reason. 

So trust your gut when hiring a furnace repair company. 

Choose Your Furnace Repair Company Wisely

Your furnace is one of the most expensive things you’ll purchase for your home. You want to hire a reliable furnace repair company to work on this precious, expensive appliance. 

Plus, you need to keep your house warm. Without a reliable furnace, you will constantly wonder about the creak in the night and if your furnace is going to quit blowing warm air.

Look for a furnace company with experience, proper credentials, and high reviews. Look for a company that looks legitimate, has a physical address, and cares enough about its employees to give them proper uniforms, and requires a reasonable dress code. 

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