Best Washing machine hacks that will make your life easier in 2021

Best Washing machine hacks
Best Washing machine hacks

Last Updated on March 6, 2022 by rida

Laundry is an inescapable part of our ever-growing chore list at home. And with escalating priorities and a fast-paced lifestyle, we don’t want to be spending too much time on this. Today the washing machine is a universal appliance and a part of every home. 

So we all welcome anything that helps to move the process along and simplify our lives. These 10 hacks will not only make your clothes cleaner, but your life simpler as well:

Check the pockets

As obvious as it may sound, pieces of stray paper, currency notes or tissue accidently left behind in the pockets of garments could double your work and effort. Thankfully, almost all washing machines today including the Semi automatic ones come with a Lint filter to extract this kind of material and prevent blockages in the machine. 

Sort clothing

It is best to separate heavy and light clothing for an optimal wash. You may also want to separate heavily soiled and lightly soiled clothing so that you can select the appropriate program on the machine.

For instance, the Cradle Wash program in IFB washing machine is designed for gentle fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, chiffon and delicate baby wear and employs a cradle-like gentle motion, ensuring longer life of clothes. The Express Feature is another feature on these machines to wash lightly soiled clothes faster thereby reducing the power consumption and water usage.

Do separate colors 

Separating clothes by color will help to prevent any color run disasters so divide your whites, light and dark clothes. A color bleeding check for new clothes especially is highly recommended to ensure they do not pass on color during their first wash. 

Pre-treat stains

The best thing to do for heavily stained clothes is first removing the stubborn stains then put it into the washer. With IFB’s latest range of Senator Smart Touch SX washing machines, you can also choose from 12 different types of stains – Baby Food, Oil, Blood, Chocolate, Sweat, Mud & Sand, Tomato, Coffee, Egg, Tea, Cosmetics and Red Wine – and a special sequence of customized wash programs runs for the stain you selected for removal.

Select the Right Water Temperature

Cold water works effectively for delicate fabrics, fabrics that might shrink and the sensitive dark color clothes which tend to bleed. Warm water on the other hand is perfect for moderately soiled fabrics and clothing. Hot water must be used for towels, bedding, white cottons and heavily stained work clothes, mainly those with oil and grease stains.

The IFB Senorita ZX washing machine comes with an adjustable temperature control where you can select varying temperatures from 30 degrees upto 95 degrees depending on your need. 

Use the right type and quantity of detergent

Too much or too little detergent can also have an impact on the quality of the wash. The amount of detergent will depend on the quantity of laundry, how dirty the clothes are, whether it’s a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine, top or front loader, level of water hardness etc. Just like using too little detergent does not give you the required cleaning, too much detergent is also bad for your clothes since it leaves residue on the clothes and promotes fading. 

Use a mesh bag

This is a great way to handle delicates like socks, baby clothes and lingerie from going astray. Just place them in the bag and toss it into the machine. In case you don’t have a mesh bag, a pillow cover could also be a close alternative. In that way, you won’t spend time rummaging through the clothes and trying to locate them post washing. 

Periodic cleaning and air circulation

Leaving the door/ cover of the machine open after each wash will allow it to air out and help prevent mould and mildew from growing and eliminate bad odours. Periodic cleaning of the machine with a few cups of vinegar is recommended to remove mold and bacteria. The Tub Clean feature in IFB machines ensures the tub remains clean before the next wash. Additionally after 40 wash cycles, you are notified to run the Tub Clean program

Water softening

Hard water is a menace in many places and this impacts the quality of washing. Hence using water softeners could help mitigate the issue.

Top end models from IFB also come with the unique Aqua Energie feature where water is energized and detergent is dissolved better with filter treatment, resulting in a softer wash

Reduced wrinkles

If you don’t enjoy ironing, then do not worry. Hang your clothing in your bathroom, far enough from the shower and let the steam from the shower act a smoothening agent for your clothes. But if you don’t have the time, you can also use the anti-crease function, present in your IFB dryer. The dryer’s gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation action along with a stream of gentle hot and cool air ensures crease-free drying. 

With the basic dos and don’ts and time-saving hacks on your washing machine, doing the laundry should now be a lot more effortless. And if you are looking to upgrade your existing machine, then head over to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store or visit any of our 1 Lakh + partner stores. Shop from the widest range of machines with latest features and trends to ensure your laundry can become more enjoyable and hassle-free.