Water You Can Trust: The Benefits of Using Filtered Water Bottles

Water You Can Trust: The Benefits of Using Filtered Water Bottles

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Statistics show that there are 884 million people globally that don’t have access to clean drinking water.

How can this statistic improve in the future? What new technology can help solve this massive problem? Where can you find products to use to convert the water to be drinkable?

Learning about the different types of filtered water bottles and how to use them can greatly help you if you are in areas where there is little access to drinking water.

Keep reading to learn more about filtered water bottles and the benefits of using them.

Avoid Hazards

Not all water is equal and you should be taking careful consideration of the source of where your water comes from. Looking for signs of contamination, such as film or an unclear look when the water is in a glass or bottle, can be a sign that you should not drink it.

If you do not know the source of where the water you are drinking is coming from, this is an important thing to find out. If the water is run through a filter in a home, it is likely safe. The water sold in stores would also fall into this category of being safe choices.

Filtered Water Bottles Are Portable

Water bottles can be thought of as a companion in our daily lives, pushing people to live a healthier lifestyle. You might store it next to your bed, then bring it to the gym while you work out, refill it for the workday, and sip it while watching TV at night.

Having a filtered water bottle that is portable during all of these activities is key. Try Berkey water filters if you are looking for a filtered water solution in a range of different sizes. Figure out what size water bottle or jug you will be using most frequently and start there to choose the right filter.

Replicate Home

Do you have a filter for your water at home? Is your water treated in any way?

If so, the water you bring with you on the go should be the same quality! Instead of spending money on jugs of distilled or spring water at the store, filtering your own while you drive down the road could be the solution that you have been searching for.

This will also get your body used to drinking the same water, instead of being safe at home and risky drinking the mysterious water from the musty office kitchen at work.

Drink Clean Water Today

Now that you have read about filtered water bottles and the benefits of using them, there is no excuse not to be drinking clean water immediately. Drinking unsanitary water can have many negative effects on your body, so avoid the risk and start using a water bottle like this today. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.

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