8 Ways to Manage Decision Making in Uncertain Times

8 Ways to Manage Decision Making in Uncertain Times

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by rida

Whether you are a leader or a businessman, you might have to make important decisions at several stages. And the decision-making process can become especially difficult during uncertain times. You need to have the right strategies and the right people by your side to make these decisions.

When I was facing a difficult situation, watching inspirational shows on my Cox Contour TV and staying connected with the right people helped me a lot. 

Besides these, here are several ways in which you can manage problem-solving easily during stressful times:


The most important part of making any decision is to have a clear mind. If your mind is filled with negative thoughts, then you are never going to make decisions rationally. So, before exploring any option, you should take a deep breath.

Go out for a walk or go to a café. Have coffee and start thinking about the problem rationally. Don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, give each option an adequate amount of time. After that, break the problem into small steps and work towards solving the problem. 

Make Sure That You Have Several Options

You would never be able to make the right decision if you don’t have enough options. First, think about the problem in detail. Then think about all the ways in which you can solve the problem. Even if you think that a problem involves too many risks, you should consider it seriously.

Sometimes, the lack of options makes the problem seem much worse. Thinking about all the possible options might give you some clarity. So, it might be a good idea to explore the problem and their options in detail beforehand.   

Explore All the Options in Detail

As mentioned above, it is quite important to explore all the options in detail. Consider all the aspects of the options. List down all the positives and negatives on paper and see which options contain the least negatives.

But you should be very careful with this exercise. This is because an option with the least number of negatives might still be quite risky. So, it is better to consider the monetary aspects of the options in detail too. 

Don’t Take Too Many Risks

Even if you are an established leader or businessman, you should not take too many risks. Risks are only going to make the situation difficult for you. If you are an amateur, then go for the solution with the least number of risks involved.

If you are an established person, then always take calculated risks. Consider how much risk is going to cost you. And whether you have an adequate amount of time and energy to explore this option. Only after that, you should make a choice.

Seek Advice

Understandably, you might feel like wanting to be the only one to make an important decision. But if you choose to do so, you might end up taking the wrong decision. No matter how expert you might be, there might be many decisions that might be too difficult to handle.

So, you should contact the relevant people in the industry to seek advice. You can also ask your reliable friends for advice. After seeking advice, consider your thoughts about each option. Remember that you shouldn’t rely solely on advice from other people. Only you should make the ultimate decision.

Involve Your Team

Remember that you don’t handle your business alone. You might have several team members. And they should also take part in important decisions. So, always involve your team members while you are making a decision.

If you don’t want to involve them, at least make them aware of the decision that you are making. Call a meeting and discuss all the aspects of different options. This will also make your team members feel valued and appreciated.

Know the Worst

It is a great thing to be an optimist. But being optimistic doesn’t mean that you should completely overlook the negative aspects. Keep the negative aspects in mind so that you might be able to anticipate the worst.

This is very important because this will help you to become prepared for it. You will become ready to utilize all the resources needed to overcome the obstacles. In this way, you will become stronger and more resilient towards the risks.

Determine Your Objectives

Finally, the most important aspect of decision making is determining your objectives. Doing so will allow you to take the important steps easily to resolve the issues. For instance, for my business, my team had to stay informed on the progress of a particular project.

So, after determining this goal, I contacted Cox cable customer support to subscribe to a reliable package. This helped my team to stay on top of things. So, by keeping the objectives in mind, you can easily make the right decisions professionally as well as personally.