Seven most effective ways to save energy and reduce electricity bill

reduce electricity bill

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Have you ever found yourself at the no man’s land after seeing your electricity bill? And wonder how wrong it has been. This happens to so many people. Well, it depends on the distributor or the electricity boards. Which emphasizes the importance learning how to compare electricity rates to get the best plan for your money.. Sometimes, the members of the houses forget to switch off the machines, resulting in a huge number in their electricity bills.  

Econnex is a platform that gives people access to compare the electricity providers across Australia and find out the best energy provider for taking services.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 most effective ways to save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

Turn off the unnecessary lights:

You should be aware of the lights that are on at your house but without use. Switch them off as they are of no use. Sometimes it is seen that people even in the daylight make the curtains pulled off and keep the bulb on. This is absolutely unnecessary. If you are so reluctant about this, even the best energy provider in Australia will seem evil as your bill amount will be always high.

Stop wasting water:  

If you waste too much water, it has a negative impact anyways. As we all know that the natural resources are at their dead bottom. So, saving water as well as fossil fuel is equally important. By doing so, you not only can contribute to nature but also can save your money from paying a hefty amount to the electricity providers.

Unplug the unused electronic device:

Standby Power can consume up to 10% of the total electricity consumption. By simply unplugging the cable or device or charger that you used and left plugged in, you can reduce your electricity bill by as much as 20%. So, be aware of all the unnecessary devices that you always leave plugged in for no reason.

Dump your old computer:

  If you are using the same old computer that needs external power supplying machines like UPS and CPU. Throw them away. Switch to a laptop that consumes far less electricity to run. If stop using the computer you can save up to $4 a year.

Use the air condition maturely:

Devices like your fridge, AC, and 42 inches TV consumes more electricity than you can think they do. ACs are the most used electronic devices that not only emit CFC (Chloro – Fluro carbon) but also cost you the most on your electricity bill. By using the Air condition strategically or in the power-saving mode, you can reduce the amount of your electricity bill.

Wash your clothes in cold water:

By switching from simply switching from hot to cold water while washing your clothes in the laundry, you can save up to $22 a year. Billing water in a washing machine requires more consumption of electricity which results in more add-on to your bills.  

Use a microwave, Crockpot, and toaster-oven:

If the microwave takes 15 minutes to make food, the electric oven takes to do the same task an hour. The statistic says that if you use a microwave at least 4 times a week instead of the electric oven, you can save up to $13 a year. So, use a microwave instead of an electric oven to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Econnex provides in-detail, comparative analyses of the electricity providers of Australia. Through its website using its tools, you can get a predicted bill for your electricity consumption. So, compare the predicted bills and take the services of the best energy provider for your demand.

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