Weird Dog Habits and Their Meanings


    Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

    Our dogs do many things that are either cute or weird, but we don’t understand why they do these things. Here are some odd behaviors some dogs have and what they mean.

    Turning in circles before sleeping

    Circling before lying down has been passed down for generations before the dog was domesticated. There are many reasons why wolves and coyotes circle a few times before lying down. The first reason is for safety. Remember that wolves live outside amongst other animals and potential dangers. Walking in a circle would flatten the leaves causing all the snakes, rodents, and other critters to scurry away.

    The second reason for this instinct is comfortability. Walking around flattens the leaves and sticks, making the area more comfortable. Lastly, it shows other animals that the spot is marked as someone’s territory.

    Eating grass

    It may seem weird or even unhealthy for your dog to be eating grass, but there are some benefits to this strange dog habit. Grass is a good source of fiber. It allows dogs to have a better digestive system. It could help with health issues or an upset stomach to eat grass or some dogs may simply like the texture of the grass on their tongue and the way it tastes.

    Sniffing another dog’s rear end

    Dogs have a very heightened sense of smell. While we can smell the delicious soup boiling on the stove, a dog would be able to smell each different spice, part, and individual piece put into the soup. Some may ask why they would sniff another dog’s rear end with such a keen sense of smell. But by smelling another dog’s back end, they actually learn things about that specific dog. They can scent different things such as their age, gender, health conditions, and mental state. Smelling another dog’s rear end is how they identify different information about each other.

    Tilting their head

    It makes for a great picture when your dog tilts their head. When there is curiosity in their eyes, they look like they are trying to figure you out. This may be adorable, but there is another reason for this behavior. When you whistle, your dog may tilt its head; tilting its head amplifies its field of vision and sound pickup. They have to work around their nose and ear flaps. Tilting their head widens the field of view so they can see your facial expressions.

    Leaning on you

    When a dog is leaning on you, it is a sign of affection and love. By nature, dogs are pack animals, and they want to be close to you. Small dogs can be picked up and cuddled, but big dogs have to do what they can to get closer to you so they will lean on you. This is them saying that they feel safe with you.

    Licking their paw

    If your dog is licking their paw, this is perfectly normal behavior. Dogs like to keep themselves clean, and licking their paws and tail to get things out of the fur is a type of self-grooming behavior. They might chew a little on their paws to get loose food or other things out of the crevices and it can be completely normal; however, if they are constantly chewing on their paws, this could be an indication of Problems with dogs health such as a food allergy, skin problem, or other injuries.


    You may think your dog is howling because they are hurt or scared; however, this is rarely the case. Usually, if a dog is hurt, it will whimper and cry but never howl. The dog’s ancestor is the wolf, and wolves would howl to communicate long distances. Dogs inherited this trait! They will howl as a natural instinct when they hear other high-pitched sounds like a siren or music.

    Rubbing their face

    It is adorable to see your dog put a paw on his nose, but there is also a reason he’s doing it. Dogs rubbing their face with a paw doesn’t only relieve an itch, but they might also do this to get rid of eye gunk or other things stuck in their fur.

    We learn so much by having these furry friends by our side. You get to grow up with them and guide them through life. These quirky things may be cute, and you can still take all the pictures you want! But remember that most of these silly quicks have a meaning, and you can understand your dog’s personality better the closer you pay attention. Get your own little Maltipoo to take care of and see our Maltipoo puppies for sale.

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