What are the benefits of using pex underground?

using pex underground

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Pex piping, also known as polyethylene piping, is a flexible form of piping that needs to be installed for plumbing systems in buildings. It is typically used where the soil conditions are not ideal to support standard steel pipe, such as below ground. This article will break down the pros of using pex underground so you can determine if it would suit your needs or not.

Introduction to pex underground pipes

A pex underground pipe is a type of soil-bound sewer system. Pex stands for plastic water, and it is made to prevent the flow of water from seeping into your home. They are essentially waterproof and well insulated. They are especially recommended for areas that have gotten wet or that may be subject to flooding or freezing temperatures. PEX (Polyethylene) is the polyester material typically used in place of copper in water and gas lines. Its dense and flexible construction make it a great choice for underground use.

Pros of using pex underground

Pex underground is a polyethylene, which is a flexible and waterproof material. It can be used to provide support for any type of foundation, from concrete slabs to beams. The material is also lightweight and safe for the environment because it doesn’t emit or release harmful chemicals into the air. The benefits of using pex underground is that it will never corrode, and is highly durable. Pex can be expanded or contracted to create a perfectly sized tube for your needs. It is a lightweight metal that is incredibly easy to install.

What are the risks of using pex underground

When it comes to installing a pex underground, one of the most important things to consider is the location. In general, if you are installing a new line, you should always consider running it in parallel to your existing lines since this will lower your risk of electrocution and any other type of mishap. The risks of using pex include the increased chance of frost heaves, ground shifting, soil erosion, and decreased quality of product. The benefits of using pex are that it is simpler to install, more cost effective, and provides the foundation for future development.


A pex underground uses a 1/4″ steel pipe and a 4″ polyethylene tubing to transport water. The pipes are buried, with the 4″ polyethylene tube above ground. They work best when installed in sandy or gravelly soils, which provide good drainage for water to flow through.

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