What are the advanced tech and safety features in New Hyundai Cars?


The automotive engineering field never stays the same for long. Hyundai has always stood in the front line of innovations producing cars the highly technologically advanced that have top safety measures. Hyundai cars are well-emphasized with their unique characteristics that make the driving easier and comfortable at the same time with the good safety measure against any kind of accident with each generation better than the previous one. We highlight the advanced technologies and best-in-class safety features that the newest Hyundai models offer in contrast to the competition. By going through with the new technologies that differentiate them, we showcase their remarkable features.

Intelligent Entertainment Devices:

Hyundai cars are superior technically only because of their advanced infotainment systems that are the mastermind of their engineering success. The touchscreens are the central nervous systems of these gadgets; no tech stack on the planet is as popular with users as the one offered by a touchscreen device.

While driving, you may listen to all your preparatory playlists or application streamlines and navigate the right way. The infotainment system from Hyundai is also available for operating applications with major smartphone platforms like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In using voice recognition technology, placing a call or sending a message will be greatly reduced with your hands on the wheel, so you will be saving time and also keeping focused on the way.

Hyundai cars also have the latest built-in connectivity features such as the Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth that make it more convenient for the passengers to use their hand-held devices during the lengthy road trip and stay connected, wherever the road takes them. Like follows words from which resonate in a car made by Hyundai, comfort by connection, this one has an outlet and a wireless body charger to drivers and passengers entertained and connected on the road label.

Systems for Assisting Drivers:

While offering diverse range of driver assistance features to ensure a better and safer driving experience, Hyundai becomes the pioneer in the age of fast technological advancements. These systems that make use of high-tech sensors and cameras help the driver to be aware of their vehicle environment and intervene when necessary.

  • SmartSense is one of these safety features that are presented by Hyundai. It is an advanced safety suite that works together to make driving safer and more reassuring. 
  • In order to allow drivers avoid collision, forward collision avoidance assist (FCA) systems use radar and cameras for detection of approaching traffic and pedestrians in advance. To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, FCA automatically enables the brakes when a collision is almost unavoidable.
  • The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) system uses cameras to tell where the car is located and keeps the car in its lane. If such system notice unintentional lane departure, it will offer corrective steering inputs to help the driver maintain the correct lane alignment.
  • The Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) system is designed in such way that it is keeping the eye on the driver’s blind spots using radar sensors, so they can be alerted when cars are coming up behind them. BCA can prevent accidents through visual and audio warnings when the driver tries to change lanes if a car is visible from the blind zone.
  • The adaptive cruise control (ACC) uses the radar sensors which enable it automatically adjust the car speed to the circumstances on the road. This improvement is not only about making driving more comfortable and convenient but it is also about sorting out driver’s tiredness on long trips.

All these advance driver aid features offered by the Hyundai automobiles, like these ones, are designed to make travelling safer and more comfortable for everyone in the cabin.

Surround View Monitor (SVM) technology

Employing the brand new Surround View Monitor (SVM) technology, Hyundai ensures convenient parking in narrow spaces and reliable driving through rush hour in the city. This latest technology is based on the placing of several cameras around the car that produce a full picture of what is going on around the vehicle, thus eliminating blind spots and affecting one’s sight while parking and navigating.

SVM display has several viewing modes and is a part of the infotainment screen in the car. They can decide on their individual preferences, and among them are bird’s-eye and rearview perspectives. Through giving drivers visual cues to park the car precisely inside the parking spaces, this dynamic recommendation system comes in handy for them in the parking process.

Drivers are able to smoothly maneuver obstained areas like parallel parking on narrow city streets or garage entry under the help Hyundai’s Surround View Monitor technology. This automobile not only makes driving convenient but also decreases the risk of accidents.

Hyundai Blue Link is a set of newly developed telematics services that state the company’s commitment to connection. The integrating of cellular and GPS technology allows this platform to provide users with the remote access and the managing of several car functions bringing owners more convenience, safety and peace of mind.

You can turn on your Hyundai, adjust the temperature, and lock and unlock car doors, right from your smartphone or smartwatch with Hyundai Blue Link. During a severe weather, this feature is a lifesaver since it allows drivers to set the cabin to a comfortable setting before starting their trip.

By assuring the owners that in the case of stealing or unwanted access the Blue Link system integrates powerful monitoring and security features, such as the ability to retrieve stolen vehicles and to remotely immobilize them. Automatic accident notification and roadside assistance are two cases of emergency services that can give passengers peace of the mind and enhance safety.

Additionally, Hyundai Blue Link offers some new features such as speed warning and geofencing. These tools will lets car owners set their own rules and send notifications if the vehicle exceeds certain speed limits or gets to or leaves certain zones. For the parent who needs to regulate their teenager from far and teaches them the right way of driving, this feature is a savior.

Hyundai Electronic Key:

Hyundai introduces Digital Key, a disruptive technology that allows users to turn cellphones into digital car keys, and thus carries on its tradition of innovation and customer-friendliness. Now, a physical key fob will not be required to lock, unlock and start the Hyundai car with the Hyundai Digital Key.

This high-level function enables a safe passage between the phone and the car with the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, hence an easy verification and connection. The Hyundai Digital Key app is also suitable for owners to share digital keys with good friends and family members, so they can take short trips using the car or have regular access.

Owners might either choose to place certain limits on shared digital keys or they may set time restrictions using Hyundai Digital Key’s adjustable access rights. Unauthorized usage of vehicles such as stealing or crashing may be discouraged through improving security and access control.

In addition, Hyundai’s Digital Key supports the connection of several cell phones to a car enabling multiple driver homes. The Digital Key by Hyundai makes accessibility and convenience in the automotive sector more digital. This feature allows you to remotely authorize access to a trusted friend or family member, or even unlock the car for a family member.


Lastly, the state-of-the-art attributes and properties in Hyundai’s latest line of vehicle series demonstrate the company’s intention to defy the existing norms and set new benchmarks in the industry. Hyundai is revolutionizing the way people globally enjoy driving by its most advanced infotainment system, driver assistance technology, connectivity solutions, and digital key functions.

Hyundai, in that regard, is constantly focused on the well-being of the drivers and passengers by highlighting connectivity, convenience, and security. Through the launch of these new technologies to its already vibrant customer base, Hyundai strengthens its position as an industry innovator, providing a pathway to even greater success during the mobility revolution era.

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