What Are The Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

What Are The Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

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Sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good for your health as it could lead to increased risks of diabetes, heart ailments, and even early death. Also, remaining seated for most of the time leads to few calories being burned and such people mostly gain weight and become obese. This is a problem that is mostly faced by office workers since they remain in their seats for most of the day. Luckily, standing desks are becoming popular these days, and more people can continue with their everyday chores while reducing the health risks that they are likely to face through sitting for long.

A standing desk-What is it?

Also popularly referred to as a stand-up desk, this is a smartly constructed desk that enables you to remain on your feet while working. A standing desk has adjustable heights and can be used by those who alternate between sitting and standing while at work.

It appears that those using these desks can enhance their productivity, and it has also been proven to offer amazing health benefits. By using these standing desks, employees can negate the effects that are associated with sitting too much.

What benefits do standing desks offer?

1. Lowers the chances of weight gain and obesity

Weight gain occurs when people take more calories than what the body burns. Conversely, you lose weight when you burn more weight. Although exercise is the best way to lose weight, using standing desks can also help.

2. Helps to lower the levels of blood sugar

It’s normal for blood sugar levels to hike after meals and this could be problematic for your health. This is mostly the case for people who have type 2 diabetes. When you work while standing, it is possible to minimize the possibility of a blood sugar spike. Also, those who alternate between standing and sitting can keep their blood sugar level within the recommended limits. The harmful effects that are associated with sitting after meals explain why most people who fall under that category mostly suffer from type 2 diabetes.

3. Minimizes the risk of heart disease

It’s been known for ages that standing helps to improve heart health. Sitting for extended periods is incredibly harmful to your heart’s health, and an hour of serious exercise may not negate the effects that your body suffers after you spend the whole day sitting. There is no denying that staying on your feet more often benefits your heart health.

4. Reduces back pain

A vast majority of office workers spend most of their time sitting. According to a study that was conducted by the CDC, people who use a standing desk can reduce the pain that occurs on the neck and upper back of their bodies by 54% from the time they start using it.

5. Improves your energy levels 

Those who use standing desks can enjoy overall well-being. These desks are reported to help reduce stress and fatigue. Also, they have increased vigor, and have more energy than people who spend their time being seated for the entire day.

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