What are the steps to Reset your Canon Printer?

What are the steps to Reset your Canon Printer?

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by rida

Canon is a popular printing device among businesses and home users. This industry manufactures varieties of printers and other imaging devices like cameras, medical optical devices etc. Using a Canon printer ensures that you will get good quality printouts. These printers are very simple to handle which means anyone can use them with very few guidelines. Users barely face any error while using Canon devices. Whenever the printer shows any error; resetting it can help. Printer devices can get into error when the user has made some changes to the settings. Resetting the Canon printer will troubleshoot your error.

Canon Printer Factory Reset

When you get into some error while running a Canon device then you can go for Canon ip110 reset. Resetting the device to factory settings will revert all the changes which you have made while using it. These settings will get the same as the new computer. After resetting the printer; you can configure your device for connecting it with the computer. 

  1. Power on the Canon printer
  2. Go to the Menu and press the arrow key
  3. Navigate to the Device Settings page
  4. Tap on the OK button
  5. Choose Reset option
  6. Hit the OK button
  7. Canon printer will start the resetting process
  8. Shut down your Canon printer
  9. Press and hold the stop button 
  10. Hold the power button
  11. Now release your stop button
  12. Press the stop button twice
  13. Wait for about 30-40 seconds
  14. User will get O on the printer screen
  15. Hit the Stop button 4 times

Now you have to hit the Power button 2 times and then again hit the Power button to switch it off. Now your Canon printer will get reset to the factory settings. Power on the printer and now you have to configure the whole printer settings. Connect the printer to your computer and take the printouts.

Canon printer power reset

Using the factory reset will fix various errors. But you can’t go for the factory reset every time. Whenever you reset the printer to factory settings; you have to reconfigure the printer. Instead of going for the factory reset; try a power reset. Many times, users get the error code while using the printer due to runtime issues. These issues can get resolved easily by the power reset. Remove the cable from the printer and the PC. canon g2000 5b00 error Now you have to unplug the power cord from your printer while the printer is on. After removing the cable; wait for about a minute. Now, connect the power cord to the Canon device and it will start automatically. Use the USB cable for connecting the printer and PC. Now give the command to your Canon device and check whether your error gets fixed or not. 

Canon Printer Ink Reset

When the printer ink level is low; you have to change the cartridge or refill the ink. If you are replacing the cartridge then always buy the original one. Third-party cartridges can’t fit properly and can get your Canon device to various errors. Refilling the ink is a better option and it is way cheaper than replacing the cartridge. But many times, after refilling the ink; the ink settings of the printer get altered. Due to this, you may get the wrong ink level or you can get the low ink warning message even when the ink tank is full. You can troubleshoot this error by Canon printer ink reset.

  1. Uninstall the cartridge from your Canon printer
  2. Take the cartridge to the main channel of ink reset
  3. Inspect the chip on your cartridge and make sure it is working correctly
  4. Hold the cartridge and check for the LED light on your chip is flashing or not
  5. Wait until the lamp remains lit
  6. Remove your ink cartridge from the chip setter

Reinstall your ink cartridge to the Canon printer and now check the ink level. If the Canon printer is still showing wrong ink information then you have to go for the Canon printer factory reset.

Many times, the printer gets into error code and the buttons stop working. When you can’t use the buttons for resettings the printer then tries hard reset. Press and hold the Stop button of your Canon device until the alarm rings. Now release the button when the lamp flashes 19 times. Your Canon device will get reset and not turn on the printer and reconfigure it with your computer.