What course is needed to become a make-up artist?

What course is needed to become a make-up artist?

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Over the past few years, the make-up industry has seen some tremendous growth. With more and more people aspiring to make a career in this field, the opportunities have become more competitive and rewarding, provided you have the skills and do the right course. The most basic requirements for any make-up artist to be successful are – skill and passion. However, to polish your skills and to make it big in the field, the aspirants need to complete certain degree programmes and certifications, such as certified cosmetology programs.

Skills required for a make-up artist

  • Eye for detail
  • Patience and concentration
  • The ability to handle pressure
  • Creativity
  • Sense of colour and mixing
  • Good knowledge of skincare
  • Basic understanding of make-up products 
  • Knowledge about make-up products 
  • Understanding of skin allergies
  • Networking abilities

Which course should I pursue to become a makeup artist?

Apart from hard work, focus and creativity, a make-up artist is required to pursue the following-

  • A diploma or a crash course in makeup artistry.
  • A diploma course in hairstyling and airbrush makeup

Course Fees and Duration: Fee may vary from one institute to the other. The course completion can take from three months to a year. Various renowned institutions/colleges offer a month-long diploma course each in makeup artistry and hairstyling. There are plenty of crash courses offered by celebrity makeup artists. However, it is advisable to study a full-fledged course to be sure of your skills and stand out from several others in this field.

Eligibility: There is no specific eligibility for these courses. However, you must have completed your Class 10th or 12th. 

One needs to also know about skincare, skin allergies as the last thing you want to do to your client is bad skin reactions since makeup does in life chemicals. There are also special courses on theatre makeup and makeup with special effects.

The aspirants must enrol themselves for internship under some professional to gain experience under their expertise. Some may find it easier to learn makeup online from YouTube. However, that can only give you basic knowledge without any practical application and you will also not be a certified make-up artist. 

There are certainly other factors that determine how strong your foothold is, such as attention to detail, ability to strike a conversation with the client and above all understanding the clients’ requirements.

Cosmetic brands, celebrities and fashion houses prefer to hire make-up artists that have certifications or a diploma from a renowned institution. Hence, you must choose the best make-up learning institutions like the Pearl Academy, which can hone your talent and help you make a rewarding career in this field. The Pearl Academy offers diploma and certification courses for different streams in this category. You can also opt for a bridal makeup course, which is one of the most demanding and lucrative options for a make-up artist. 

Your passion and creativity when combined with the best learning institute degree can help you soar higher in this field. So, choose your career wisely and make an informed choice!

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