What does Artificial Neural Network Mean?

Artificial Neural Network

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by azamqasim

We all have heard about ANN, but let us first understand what Artificial Neural Network means.

When talking about computers, there are many things that a computer can do much faster than humans. Be it calculating square roots or structuring codes that could be displayed on our daily used banking websites, shopping, etc. Even though computers are much faster than humans, there is one thing that a computer lacks in that is common sense. 

No matter how fast it may perform, the human mind won’t let a computer ever win in this aspect. Inspired by how the brain functions, artificial neural networks are helping computers to function in such a form as humans do. 

The artificial neural network uses the mathematical information that is fed into the computer in different layers. An artificial neural network has a million neurons that we call “Units” further arranged in a series of layers. The input layer receives various information, and the information is obtained from multiple sources. 

The information received is the data that is used by the network for processing or learning. Starting from the input unit, where the data is initially fed, the receiver sends the information to more hidden units. 

The remote units are responsible for transforming the information that could be useful for the output unit. Most of the neural networks are connected to each layer, so the number of connections is directly linked with the influence one unit has on another. The higher the number, the greater the influence. The network learns more about the data as the data travels from one unit to another. 

Now the response is the result of the fed data which has gone through several units, which is shown on the other side of the network.

Cognitive neuroscientists have learned a lot about the human brain since computer scientists attempted the original artificial neural network. Like the human brain has different units, and different units respond differently; similarly, the information fed in the parts will react differently, depending from unit to unit. Like the brain receives information and then commands which domain it belongs to, the network works similarly and precisely attempts to replicate this.

Artificial neural networks can only learn if a large amount of information is fed into them while working on a training set. While you are trying to distinguish between a car and a bus, the artificial neural networks will automatically start looking for images that are tagged as a car. This is when you can expect your network to begin learning.

While the artificial neural network is in the training period, the information provided can be compared to the data provided by the human. A detailed and descriptive report of what should be observed will help you better results as the set is being tested after this attempt.

A “backpropagation” can be used in case the output is incorrect. This will take the data back through the process that it originally comes from through the layers, which are called deep learning. It can also be said that this is an exercise for artificial neural networks as it will make the network intelligent.

What are artificial neural networks used for?

Many ways can be used to deploy artificial neural networks, which may include predicting outcomes and classifying information. As the network will process and learn from the data, classified data can be set to a predefined class. 

The training can be done to predict outputs by constant inputs and results given. Many applications used regularly, such as Google, are currently using a thirty-layered neural network for Google Photos. We also might wonder how YouTube knows about our preferences and how it aligns with the next song? YouTube uses a similar Algorithm for its “watch next” feature.

As the technology is being developed on a large scale, a career in Artificial Intelligence may land you up in a job where your friends might use a life-changing feature that you have created. The proper guidance and training by opting for an Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi should land you in a job where the future is dependent on your skill and effort.