What Home Defense Options Are There?

Home Defense Options
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Every 15 seconds, a home burglary is committed in the USA. This is a horrifying statistic, as a home invasion is every homeowner’s worst nightmare—how can you protect yourself? If you’ve just purchased a home, you need to spend some time thinking about home defense options. While the police are always around to help, you sometimes need to act fast, protecting yourself and your family before the squad cars can arrive.

What are the most popular ways to defend your home? Which option is best for your home?

To protect your property, keep reading to learn about common home defense options.

Home Security System

If you can stop potential crimes before they happen, you won’t need to worry about home self defense. This is why every homeowner should install a state-of-the-art home security system to protect their home.

Using cameras and alarms, you can keep an eye on your home remotely, since most home security systems can be controlled via your smartphone. If anything out of the ordinary happens and your alarm is triggered, the security company will automatically call the police.

Even if it’s a false alarm, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Plus, if a potential criminal notices that your home has security cameras, they’re less likely to attempt a robbery.

Yes, a comprehensive home security system can run into the thousands of dollars, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Also, if you ever decide to sell your home, a security system can add value to the property.


Never underestimate the power of intimidation! If a burglar is approaching your property, yell at them, threaten them, and make as much noise as you possibly can.

The burglar might think the home was vacant, so once they hear you, they might take off running. Also, the threat of violence or saying you’ll call the police is scary and might be enough of a deterrent.

Of course, if someone does trespass on your property, you should always call 911 right away. If they arrive quickly, they might be able to arrest the intruder before they can flee.

Don’t be afraid to yell and scream, as the safety of your family and property are at stake!

Guard Dog

Have you thought about getting a guard dog for your home? Not only do large dogs make great family pets, but their powerful barks can scare off any burglar.

Many parents like having a large dog around as well, as they can deter anyone who might be thinking about approaching your children while they play outside.

Any large dog can be a guard dog, so you can adopt one from your local shelter. However, some of the dog breeds that make the best guard dogs include the Doberman, rottweiler, and German shepherd.

These breeds are strong and powerful, but are also easy to train. For example, you can train a dog not to kill someone, but to knock them over and make lots of noise, which can be enough to stop a burglar in their tracks.

Even smaller dog breeds can be effective watchdogs. They might not be able to attack, but they can keep an eye on the front door and start barking if someone approaches, alerting you so you can act fast.

Secure Fence

Another great way to defend your home is with a secure fence. Install a fence around your entire property that’s secure, with no gaps or openings.

Make sure it’s tall enough that an adult couldn’t easily climb over it and keep the gate locked at all times. While a fence won’t necessarily stop an attacker, it will slow them down.

Keep in mind that a wooden fence can easily be sawed through, so if you’re really worried about intruders, use a more durable material like concrete or iron. Your local fence installation company should be able to get the job done for you in just a few days, depending on the size of your property.

Pepper Spray

If an attacker is at close range, you can stop them or slow them down with a home defense spray. One of the most popular is pepper spray—this won’t cause serious injury, but will sting and burn the victim’s eyes and cause them to stop moving.

Once they’re distracted by the pain, you can restrain them or call for help.

Pepper spray is only useful if you have it when you need it, so consider purchasing a few canisters and keep them where you might need them, such as next to the front door or near a bedroom window.

To use it, hold the canister straight out and away from you, then point it at your attacker’s eyes. The irritant tends to last for about 30 minutes, which is more than enough time for the police to arrive.

They’ll feel pain, itching, redness, and a burning sensation—it’s definitely not something you want to experience for yourself.


If you’re seriously concerned about security, purchase some home defense weapons like a handgun or rifle—we recommend the Aero Precision. There’s nothing a burglar wants to see less than a gun pointed in their direction, so owning a weapon can absolutely scare them away.

As long as your handgun is licensed and registered, you’re legally entitled to have it in your home for self defense purposes. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but if you do, it’s there for you.

If you ever need to fire your gun at an intruder, think about aiming at a non-fatal part of their body, like the limbs, as this will immediately bring them down without ending their life.

New to using guns for self defense? If so, always take a training class after purchasing a weapon, so that you know how to keep yourself safe.

When children are in the home, the gun should always be kept locked up and away from them. Visiting your local NRA chapter or gun club is a great way to learn more about weapons safely.

A trip to the local shooting range is also a great way to keep your skills fresh. All weapons pose a risk of accidental injury to the user, so regular shooting means you’ll reduce your chance of injury.

Baseball Bat

Just about anything can be a weapon in the heat of the moment, so if someone has burgled your home, do whatever you can to defend yourself and your family.

One common household item in your garage is a baseball bat, which can be an incredibly powerful weapon in an emergency. Holding the bat just as if you were stepping up to the plate, use it to attack your assailant, practically in the shins or the groin area.

You can also use any large, heavy item to stop someone with, such as a vase, piece of furniture, or even a broom. Act fast, as it can save your life!


A taser is a handheld device that delivers an electric shock, causing pain and muscle contractions. If you taser an attacker, you’ll stop them, but keep in mind you need to be in close range, as a taser doesn’t reach more than about ten feet.

Tasers are considered legal weapons, as long as you register yours and have the required state permit. Like with any weapon, you should undertake a training class so that you know how to safely and effectively use the taser.

The jilt of the taser feels like getting pushed and will knock the person to the ground. They’ll also feel confused and uncomfortable, unsure of what’s hit them.

Successful Home Defense Starts With Preparation

One of the most important things every family should think about is home defense. While you hopefully will never have to worry about a robbery attempt, if it does happen, you only have a split second to react.

Using the ideas above, start thinking about which self defense methods would work best for your needs. Then, start preparing as soon as you can, ensuring your home is safe and secure.

Remember that home robberies don’t only happen at night, but also during daylight hours, so never let your guard down—your home’s safety depends on it!

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