What is Eclectic Interior Design?

What is Eclectic Interior Design?
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The eclectic interior design is a form of interior designing and planning which includes a mixture of different art forms and makes the area look more aesthetic. This type of interior design is in trend nowadays for home interior designers in Bangalore.

People from all over the world are now planning to be sustainable. Eclectic interior designers use sustainable design ideas in their projects. It involves factors such as figuring out how to efficiently and effectively use the space provided, utilizing materials in construction that deliver low environmental impact by reducing energy, pollution, and waste consumption.

The idea of sustainability comes into action when products are managed to be recycled. The home interior designers in Bangalore are helping in setting up the best eclectic designs for your space. 

This blog will discuss the topic ‘eclectic interior designing’ and three of the main styles of this interior design will be mentioned. 

What did you mean by Eclectic interior design?

The term ‘Eclectic interior designing’ is a design style that incorporates elements of several different design styles into a single area. It features a casual combination of furnishings and decor that incorporates a variety of styles. 

According to the home interior designers in Bangalore, the eclectic decor frequently combines vibrant colors and patterns, as well as surprising accents. 

The New trend: Boho

Boho minimal style, as the name implies, is more on the minimalist side of eclectic style. However, as you can see, it’s a masterful balance of casual and high, resulting in a room that’s both curated and calm. 

The muted color palette of bohemian minimalism is noticeable, with a wide spectrum of neutrals and flashes of earthy desert hues. A lot of natural materials and finishes are used in this design. 

While there are a lot of patterns in this area, the neutral color scheme keeps it from being too overwhelming. So, between rugs, cushions, and wall art, you can build patterns on top of patterns. Much of the wall art in this style should be geometric or abstract.

Tropical Boho

The tropical boho style is vivid and distinct, and it leans toward the maximalist end of the eclectic spectrum. With its noisy combination of furniture types, materials, colors, and patterns, this look has a lot going on, as you can already see. 

Bold color is a major component of tropical boho style. Rich jewel tones, in particular, bring this design to life. And we’re not talking about a single jewel-toned accent chair. It’s the walls, furniture, cushions, and rugs that we’re talking about. 

This color coordination isn’t afraid of a splash of pigment! Also important to this aesthetic are quirky elements that give the area individuality, such as the hanging chair and tiger rug. Its details like this set this design apart!

The style of California

The Californian casual style is where classic meets modern with a distinctively eclectic edge. Comfortable furnishings, natural textures and materials, and bright, neutral hues are featured in this stylish style, which evokes the easygoing moods of coastal California. 

Many of the decorative features, such as the mirror, sconces, and the bust on the mantel, have a classic feel to them. However, the use of geometric patterns throughout the space gives this aesthetic a more informal feel. The use of a neutral color palette and furniture with an emphasis on comfort keep this area from feeling too formal.


The eclectic interior design is based on accommodating different styles and motives into a single space. The home interior designers in Bangalore prefer eclectic interior designing, as this saves the cost and helps in managing the space at your convenience.