What’s the best Magsafe Power Bank available for iPhone?

magsafe power bank

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Are you an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 holders? Do you want a wireless MagSafe charger or power bank for your Apple device? well, then you must read this page.

If you are Apple users, then you must be aware that since last 2 years, Apple has introduced MagSafe technology to their Smartphone. Basically, it is makes your Smartphone like a magnet. Through the magnets, the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 connects to the charging device. Yes, there is no any wired mechanism to charge your cell phone.

Introduction of Magsafe Technology

The MagSafe is all new feature available in the series 12 and 13 iPhone only. This technology allows your iPhone to connect with any magnetic accessories to the back of your phone. From magnetic power bank to the wallets, you can use anything that support this technology.

The companies like Apple and Samsung are known for innovative in the field of mobile technology. Nobody likes to charge their device through those bulky power banks having long wires. Furthermore, we can’t wait for hours to charge our device, especially when we have meeting or some urgent call scheduled. This is where the MagSafe power bank comes into the picture. There are so many brands available for charging your iPhone, but you should choose the best as we can’t invest every few months on such accessories.

Features of MagOn Power Bank

If you are looking to purchase reliable and long lasting MagSafe power bank, then you must consider MagOn power bank by Veger. It is one of the best rated power bank available on the market.  There are several reasons to choose Magon for your iPhone.

Magon has ultra strong magnetic connection that won’t let your phone slip off. Moreover, it is specially designed for iPhone series 12 and 13. The speed is another factor to choose Magon as compared to others. It not only supports the maximum 15W wireless charging, but also have PD/QC 3.0 wired charging up to 22.5W. So it can give super fast charging speed.

MagOn is the result of the engineering innovation and you can clearly see from their design and features. With just 170g weight, MagOn offer 10000mAh capacity. That means you can carry your power bank anywhere without worrying about space. The high capacity allows to charge 3 devices at the same time. It is going to be the perfect backup when you are outing or traveling with your friends and family.

Apart from all these, MagOn power bank has some additional safety and security features that makes it stand out of the crowd. You can order it from Veger official site or distributors too. Please click here to visit the official Veger website.

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